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Kids Style ⎮ Pastels, Denim & Welcoming Spring

Like everyone in the UK, I have been waiting desperately for the weather to change and to finally get some sunshine. To sit outside and have a drink and a BBQ. To get Gabriel out of the house and playing in the garden. And of course, to get out of these heavy jumpers and coats!! However although it is officially spring here in Scotland, the weather is yet to improve. Which is hard for a blogger to take good photos!!

I have been focusing a lot of my time on Gabriel’s wardrobe, as well as my own. Now that he has reached the age of 2, he now fits into size 2-3 which is brilliant. His clothes will now last longer than they did last year which needed replacing every 3 months because of the speed he grew. So that means I can now properly build a good quality wardrobe for him and not feel so bad if items cost more than £20. Now that spring is here I have been diving head first into my favourite kids wear Spring/Summer Collections and have put together my first spring Kids Style outfit.

kids style

kids style

Pastels and Denim are BIG this spring and the fashion lover in me cannot resist dressing my boy up to the latest trends. As much as i would love to dress him as a mini Karl Lagerfield, practicality is a must for a toddler. Here we paired these cute boys shorts in salmon with a white tee and denim shirt. I love how well this works and how easy it is to put together. Plus Gabriel loved these shorts so much he cried when I took them off!

kids style

kids style

Do you like this Kids Style Outfit?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you think and how you like dressing your little ones up for spring.

You can find the links to Gabriel’s Outfits below in the Shop The Post Section.

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Kids Style : Navy Duffle Coat And High Top Trainers

It all started when we were running behind schedule. We were to drive down to Edinburgh for one of our friends daughters birthday party and as usual we were running late. As I scampered around the house trying to get everything together, I felt the stress rising. I needed to get Gabriel dressed and fed, pack his and my own bag, get my self ready, wash my hair and do my make up. SIGH!

The thing is when you have a young child you cannot just pack a few outfits and thats it. You need to bring the whole house! In addition to outfits and spare outfits in cases of leaking nappies or food spills. Its bottles, bibs, snacks, milk, nappies and toiletries. I was cursing myself for not preparing everything the night before. After a few mad dashes, I finally got the last things together while my husband strapped Gabriel in the car. Are we ready? He asked. Yes I replied and off we went to spend the weekend in Edinburgh.

We would usually do the whole 2 and a half hour journey in a oner, but that was no longer an option now with Gabriel who needs to kick his legs and have some food. We stop off and go to unstrap our baby out of the car. Where are his shoes? “I thought you packed them” I said to my husband. “I thought you did” he replied. FUUUUUUUUUCK!

Kids Style

Kids Style

We had forgotten Gabriel’s shoes! Luckily for us there was a Tesco nearby. What was a “quick buy any shoe” situation. Ended up being the day we found one of our favourite pairs. They have become his go to shoes along side his clarks, and he loves them.

With the weather getting colder, they go really well with this duffle coat from John Lewis. He has a few coats for different occasions but this one is by far our favourite. It is so stylish yet casual, and makes him look like a mini adult. Here is his outfit during one of our outings.

*Jumper is from Primark, Hat is from the titanic boutique in Ireland.


What do you think of this outfit? Comment below.


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