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Get Party Ready with John Lewis

When I was asked to attend an afternoon makeover with John Lewis, I was excited and surprised. John Lewis do makeovers? I was aware that you could get a quick tutorial or colour match from a product you were wanting to buy. But a total party makeover? Yup! This was the full package. A full face of make up and hair styled by none other than 2 of my top beauty brands. So of course I said yes, who doesn’t like a makeover?! So I headed into town to Get Party Ready with John Lewis and experience all they had to offer.


Bobbi Brown

Get Party Ready with John Lewis

My contact told me that a professional at Bobbi Brown was going to do my makeup and I was ecstatic. Bobbi Brown is one of my go to makeup brands and I was beyond excited to be able to get a makeup tutorial with their products. Some of which I already own. Check out my no makeup look using Bobbi Brown products

Leanne and Alex greeted me when I arrived and I told me that Leanne will be doing my makeup. Having got my everyday look down pat I wanted something a bit more glam. Something that made my eyes pop on a night out. “If you can think of a celebrity’s makeup that you would like to imitate, who would it be?” Leanne asked me as she examined colours that would suit my skintone. I cringed. I knew exactly who I wanted to imitate but was embarrassed to say it out loud. Looks like my Keeping up with the Kardashian obsession was about to be revealed. I squirmed in my seat hoping not to be judged as I said ” Kim Kardashian”.


Get Party Ready with John Lewis

Makeup Tips

To my relief she didn’t bat an eyelid at my request and went on to show me some colours to create a “Kim style” smokey eye and nude lip. We established some neutral colours with a hint of shimmer and she went to work starting with my eyes. This really surprised me. I always thought that foundation was the first step, especially under eye concealer. However according to Leanne the eyes should be done first as you are likely to get a lot of residue on your face. Which could then muck up your foundation or leave dark circles under your eyes.


Get Party Ready with John Lewis


After my eyes where done she proceeded with my skin. Giving me a natural dewy look with good coverage. Blusher, highlighter and lipstick were then applied and we were done! Meanwhile Alex listed all of the products and drew a picture of my makeup so that I can replicate it at home.

The girls were so friendly and approachable, and were happy to answer any questions I had about makeup and beauty. I must admit I am usually the “ask google” type but after speaking with Leanne. I realised that it is a lot more beneficial to actually go in store and ask for some advice. Plus they encourage it!

I walked away feeling very confident with my new makeup tips and had a huge list of products i am dying to buy. Especially their small mascara designed just for the under eye lashes! Maybe next month.


Get Party Ready with John Lewis

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Good Hair Day

Get Party Ready with John Lewis


Next up it was hair time, I was taken to the GHD stand where I met the lovely Jacqui who was going to style my hair. I was so surprised to see their little hair salon set up. I had no idea that there was even the possibility to get your hair styled in John Lewis. “I’m thinking a nice wave would suit you” she beamed as I came over. “Sure” I said. “I love a wave”.

She proceeded with my hair while I asked questions about the GHD services. All personnel are fully trained with GHD and every 3 months they attend classes to learn about new hair styles and how to use all of their products to suit customers needs.


Get Party Ready with John Lewis Get Party Ready with John Lewis


I watched as she effortlessly curled my hair into the most perfect waves i have ever seen. Considering the speed at which she curled my hair. She didn’t burn herself once which impressed me more than it should have. “Please give me some tips” I said. “Almost every time I curl my hair I burn my fingers or my head”. “Its the gloves” she said showing me her hands. I made note. I need a pair of those! She set my hair with some hairspray and viola my makeover was complete.


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Get Party Ready with John Lewis

The Result

I walked out of John Lewis looking a little more glamourous than I would usually on a wednesday afternoon and wondered what the Nursery staff at Gabriel’s Nursery were going to think when I walked in. My hair looked amazing and my makeup flawless. It seemed a shame that I didn’t have a night out or event to show off my amazing transformation. At least my son could admire their handiwork.

If you would like to get a makeover at John Lewis (and I highly recommend it). Book your appointment with Bobbi Brown to get the full “Party Makeover” for just £30. Bobbi Brown has a range of How To tutorials such as How to Do Your Brows & Get ready in 5 mins. Designed for the every day woman looking to up her makeup game.  For more information and to book an appointment Click here.

For a GHD hair makeover, just pop in to John Lewis and to test out their straighteners and curlers. You will not regret it.



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The No-Makeup Makeup Look

I love all things Fashion & Beauty. I love getting dressed up, doing my hair and having on point make up. For me when I look good, I feel good. Simple things like having neat hair and healthy looking skin can boost your confidence 100 times over compared to a day when you feel like a frump. With that said, I don’t like to wear a full face of make up every single day. Especially now that I am a stay at home / work from home mum. It just feels silly. If I am at home with my son then it makes no sense to me to have thick foundation all over my face. I want to look presentable but natural during the day. The last thing you want is to bump in to Karen from work looking like you have been beaten with the ugly stick one too may times. That is why I go down a simple route. I do the No-Makeup Makeup Look to look like a natural beauty. (even though I am totally cheating) #wokeuplikethis not!

One thing I love about this routine is that it is quick and easy. When you are getting up at 6:30 am every morning with your little one the last thing you want is to spend an hour getting yourself prepared.

So here is my “No Make Up” Make Up Routine that helps me to look fresh and natural during the day while keeping it simple and easy.


The “No Makeup” makeup look


My go to brand at the moment is Bobbi Brown. I used to be an exclusively Mac kinda gal but recently have been using a more products from Bobbi. I find that they are a really good quality and that the range of colours are prefect for my skin tone. Plus their packaging is really cute.

"No Make Up" Make Up Look "No Make Up" Make Up Look




My secret weapon to fresh dewy skin? Bobbi Browns Extra Moisturising tinted moisturiser. This product got me so in love!!!! I wanted something that would give me a semi decent coverage but would feel light on my face. I hate feeling like my skin cannot breath. What I found was that a lot of bb creams either dried out my skin or make it feel sticky and oily. However this moisturiser has been perfect. It evens out my skin tone while feeling like I am not wearing anything at all. The plus side is that it gives me a dewy look as opposed to my foundation which can be a bit matte.


"No Make Up" Make Up Look




Blush has always been very important to me. I would always add a bit of colour to my cheeks before leaving the house, even if I didn’t have any other make up on. I found it gave me an instant glow and livened up my skin when it looked a bit dull.

The only problem I had was that once I left the house, the powder blushes would fade very quickly. And carrying around a blush palette and brush was not ideal. This is why this Lip and Cheek pot was perfect for me.


"No Make Up" Make Up Look


This product is my all time favourite. I don’t know how I managed without it. It adds a soft flush to your cheeks and a natural colour to your lips. The texture is super easy to apply. It glides on like a thick moisturiser. Just rub a little on to the apples of your cheeks and dap on to your lips and you are good to go. You can add a bit of lip balm if you want a more glossy look.

The compact itself is small and easy to carry around with you in your bag or clutch. It is perfect for when you are traveling.


"No Make Up" Make Up Look




If I have time then I apply a quick bit of mascara and I brush and pencil in my brows depending on their state. I find the if I get HD brows regularly then I rarely need to do anything to them as they look neat and filled in automatically. As you can see though in these pictures, I haven’t had my brows done in ages.



"No Make Up" Make Up Look

"No Make Up" Make Up Look

"No Make Up" Make Up Look


Now you have my secrets to looking fresh and presentable everyday while staying natural. It is important for us to always feel good about ourselves. Little things like this can make a huge difference in your self-esteem.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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