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How To Get Big Voluminous Curls

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A lot of people have been asking and commenting about my hair recently, wanting to know my secret. I do not spend a lot of time on it. I don’t have the time nor the patience and I am always looking for quick and easy ways to look presentable in the mornings without going full throttle. Unfortunately for me however I cannot just wash it and let it go. It is unruly and needs tamed to look neat, otherwise it will be a curly ball of frizz. If you are a regular on my blog then you know my usual go to look is blow drying it smooth and straight with my GHD dryer. See my post on that here . However sometimes I want a bit more glamour. Some volume and bounce without having to spend ages in front of the mirror. That is where the Remington Big Curl Wand comes into play. It gives Big and Easy curls for the busy mum like me.


So since so many people have been asking I thought I would show you what on do on those days I want a bit of wave in my locks.


The good thing about this curler is that it has a large barrel. Meaning it is quicker to use than a smaller barrel because you use bigger chunks of hair. It also has a temperature gauge so you can adjust the heat according to your hair type.

I do not do this everyday. I save it for days when I know I am going out to meet someone or going into town or something. Otherwise I only blow-dry my hair using my GHD Dryer. For more info see my post Sleek Hair in 10 Minutes!




There you have it. See how easy that was! Big easy curls for the busy mum!


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How To Wash Your Make Up Brushes (And Not Have To Wait Days For Them To Dry)

With Christmas and New Years Parties I must admit that my make up brushes have taken a beating in the last few weeks. They have been covered and recovered in foundation, eyeshadows, lip shades, concealer and then packed into a tight make up bag. As well as been the cause of many tanned coloured stains on my pouches and table tops!

make up brushes

If you are anything like me than washing your brushes is not something you enjoy. The process of takes time and waiting for them to dry properly before using them again can be excruciating.

Putting that aside, it is essential that your brushes are washed regularly and properly. Besides the obvious reasons of hygiene, reusing dirty brushes can make your make up look amateur, no matter how skilled you are. And don’t forget the damage it can cause to your brushes! ( which must I say, they are pretty expensive so you don’t want to have to keep buying them).

So I thought i would share with you my cleaning routine which has been a game changer for me and my brushes.

When to wash

I try to wash my brushes at least one a week. Especially my foundation and concealer brushes. As they tend to have the most residue on them, making them a breeding ground for bacteria. I make it a Sunday ritual along with my weekly face mask and exfoliation.

How to wash

Using my finger tips and nails to get deep into the bristles. I dab a drop of shampoo with some water and gently clean in between the bristles. Depending on how dirty the brushes are, I usually repeat this process until the water runs clear and the brush starts to go back to its natural colour.

make up brushes

Drying them

Once the brush is properly clean, it is time to dry them. Since finding this method, this is my favourite part of the process. I used to hate drying them as it would 1. take ages for them to dry and 2. Risk damaging them if not done properly.

Using a hair tie, I tie the brushes bristles down on to my towel rack. This allows them to drip dry without any water seeping into the glue at the base and potentially damaging it. A bonus is that my towel rack is heated so it dries faster and evenly, and are usually ready to go the next morning.

make up brushes

Quick Tip : If you wear a full face of make up almost every day then washing once a week may not be enough. So I bought an anti-bacterial daily brush spray that i use throughout the week. Just spray it over the bristles and wipe with a tissue. This should ensure that there is not too much residue sitting on your brush for a week!

There you have it. I hope this helps!!


How to clean makeup brushes

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In My Bag : Bag Essentials To Be Effortlessly Flawless At All Times

By Posted on 10 3 m read

I have never been one of those “flawless” girls. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that seem to always have every strand of hair in place, perfect skin and makeup at any time of the day, despite the hurricane that just went passed. The type of girl that was always prepared for anything, no matter what the situation.

I used to work with a lot of them. Working on the Fashion scene for 8 years could seriously do damage to ones self esteem. After work drinks and spontaneous nights out didn’t matter, because they always looked their best. While I sat in the corner feeling like feeling like a complete mess.

How do they do it? What was their secret? How did they manage to always look so fresh, even after a long hard day at work? No it is not genetics ( or though I think that can play a part). After finally speaking to them and begging to know their secret. It shocked me to find out that it was really quite simple.  Organisation!

These girls were organised. When my latest girl crush showed me the contents of her bag, it started to make sense. Her bag was were the magic was. On top of the usual wallet and phone, she had neatly packed mini toiletries, bobby pins and hair ties, notepad and pen, tissues, and had her very own make up case just for her bag.

Spontaneous night out? She had all the make up and toiletries she needed to be fresh and flawless at all times.

So I took a leaf out of her book and have never gone back since. Check out whats in my bag!

Bag Essentials

Bag Essentials

  1. Make Up Pouch : I love my Marc By Marc Jacobs Make up pouch. It is small enough it fit into almost any bag but big enough to carry all of my essentials. See below
  2. Passports : Yes I carry both passports with me all the time. I don’t know why, I think it is a habit from living in France and my passport being my only form of  ID. At least I am ready to travel at any moment.
  3. Face Wipes : You always need cleansing wipes. If it is to cleanse off smudged make up after a day at work or to quickly clean up any stains or spills.
  4. My Wallet
  5. Notepad and pen : You never know when you might need a pen and paper.
  6. My phone and earphones : For obvious reasons
  7. Gloves : This changes depending the season. If it is sumer then these are usually replaced with my sunglasses. However I live in Scotland so I tend to use my gloves a lot more.
  8. My Specs

So what do I keep in my make up pouch? Everything I need to make sure I can look and feel fresh at any moment.

My Bag Make Up Pouch.

Bag Essentials


Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo : This dry shampoo is a live safer for greasy hair, especially if you have been sweating Get it here! 

Benefit Mini Brightening Primer: Great for adding a quick glow to your complexion Get it here!

Benefit Mini Mascara : Everyone needs mascara, and this mini one is great to keep in my bag Get it here!

Benefit Mini SPF 15 Facial Moisturer: A quick moisturiser for when my skin feels tight Get it here!

Benefit Mini Glow Highlighter: If you are going out after work and don’t have time to go home, this is great to add a bit of definition to your cheeks and collarbone for a dewy look Get it here!

Invisibobble : In the photo I have some normal loose elastic bands, but one of my favs is the Invisibobble. It doesn’t leave any kinks and doesn’t pull out my hair  Get it here 

Kora Hand Cream : I love Kora, it is my go to skincare brand, so naturally I use their hand cream Get it here!

Kora Organics Lip Balm Get it here!

Bare Minerals Cream Blush : I use this to pink up my cheeks and to add colour to my lips Get it here!

So there you have it, everything that I keep in my bag!


**Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links







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Get Glamorous Hair : Add Volume with Micro Bead Hair Extensions!

By Posted on 8 3 m read

I have always wanted to get hair extensions. A lot people who know me are probably reading this and thinking ‘ Whaaaat’! Yes I know, I already have quite long hair. But it is not about length. Despite having long hair, the one thing that my hair lacks is thickness. And that make all the difference.

I cannot pull of the sleek straight look. I end up looking like someone has just poured a bucket of water over my head because it is so flat to my scalp. I also have trouble achieving glamorous voluminous waves no matter how many times I curl my hair. Thin hair is thin hair no matter what you do.

So with my upcoming nuptials and my recent vow to get out of Frumpy-ville. I decided to take the plunge and I absolutely love it.

After doing some research, I chose to go to Salon 70 on Great Western Road here in Aberdeen. Sarah is the expert ( and yes she is the gorgeous mum from my frumpy post, check it out here) She will tell you exactly what you need as soon as she sees your hair.

I was a little hesitant at first as I have heard all of the horror stories and the last thing I want is to go bald just before my wedding. However Sarah was quick to put me at ease by explaining her technique. She uses micro beads with little silicone hooks to attach the extention to your hair. The pros are that is doesn’t do any damage to your hair at all. The con is that if not looked after properly the beads can slide and slip off.

All the hair she uses are 100% human hair and she will colour test your hair before you make your appointment to get them attached. It usually takes 1-2 days for your extensions to arrive and once she has them you are ready to go.

Prices vary depending on what you are looking to achieve and what texture your hair is. As I didn’t need to add a lot of length and just wanted volume and thickness we went for half a head which was 180£. Once you have paid for the hair, then the big cost is done. After that it is just getting them reattached every 10 weeks.

The whole session took just under 2 hours and I am really happy with the results. My hair looks so glamorous I can’t stop staring at it in the mirror! Sarah will supply you with your own special brush and instructions on how to look after your extensions. You must use a silicone and sulphate free shampoo, luckily for me I already do. Check out my post here for more information. My hair is thick and soft to touch and I can now pull off the sleek look.

Now I have no worries for my wedding day!

My hair just after getting it styled by Sarah 3 weeks ago!

My hair now!

What do you think? Have you had extensions before?



[amazon_link asins=’B01BFKIJ06,B004MA4GH2,B00RZMRLJ4,B004XLZ23C’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’confidentlyky-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’1702a130-2502-11e7-a105-d14f346bf647′])

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Why Sulfate-Free Shampoo Is The Key To Gorgeous Hair

I often get asked about my hair. I am not sure if it is because of its natural curvy waves. Or because it is dark and long. But for some reason the number one thing I get ask about is my haircare routine. Like most women I strive to have healthy looking hair.  It is what makes a person stand out. If your hair is not on point then you can almost guarantee that your whole look is not on point. Even if your outfit is banging. So what is the secret? What is it that makes those luxurious locks stand? Well it is all in the shampoo. Sulfate-Free Shampoo that is.

It took me years to figure out that what I was putting on my hair played a huge role in its overall appearance. When I was a teen I often went for the brands that were blasted all over TV. They promised long, shiny frizz free hair at the right price. But despite their claims I always ended up having to cut chucks out of my hair every time I went for a ‘trim’. What was I doing wrong?

What is Sulfate?

It was only when I went down the organic route with my food and products that I started to see a real difference. By default a lot of organic brands ban sulfates and silicones in their products. I was amazed. My ends that were usually frizzy and split, where sleek and soft. And I found that when I went in for my routine cut. I didn’t have to take off as much as I did before.

Sulphate is the basic detergent that is used in most skin and hair care, and also in household cleaners such as fairy liquid. It is what makes your shampoo turn into a sudsy foam. Though sulfates might be great for cleaning dishes and floors. It is not so great on your hair or your body!

products for soft shiny no frizz hair

products for soft shiny no frizz hair

Why no sulphate?

I put it to the test and bought a regular shampoo when I first moved to Aberdeen. It was for convenience. I didn’t have time to wait for an order to arrive and I wanted to wash my hair asap. Worst decision ever! My hair became dry, and I mean really dry. The slightest bit of manipulation would cause my strands to break and I ended up having to cut off a massive 15cm ! My hair was so damaged after just a month of using a sulphate shampoo. I can only imagine the damage after extended use.

Besides the obvious reason above there are countless reasons to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo.

  1. They strip your hair of all of its natural oils

Yep, like I said sulfates are very good at cleaning. However there is such a things as too clean. Without the natural oils in our hair our strands become very brittle and dry. Making them easy to break.

2. Bye bye expensive professional colour

Just got your hair coloured and treated? Then definitely do not use a sulphate shampoo. It can strip the colour from your hair after extended use. Leaving it looking dull and faded. Not to mention that colouring your hair already dries out your strands!

3. Greasy roots, frizzy ends.

The over cleaning of the scalp makes the skin dry and promotes access oil production. Which will leave your roots being extra oily and your ends looking frazzled and dry. The irony is that you will wash your hair more frequently to combat the greasy roots, making it worse!

Does it have to be Organic?

Going organic is what made me aware of the ingredients in my haircare. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go organic. There are a lot of products readily available on the market.

My favourites are Art Naturals Argan Oil shampoo and Living Proof. Both are easy to order online and are reputable brands. There are some other alternatives that are cheaper. You just need to check the ingredients.

Hopefully this will help you to transition to a Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

If you liked this post then check out my post on how to get smooth straight hair in under 10 minutes



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Get Flawless Skin With Kora Organics : Best Organic Skincare Range Around

Ever since I was a young girl I have always been conscious about what I put on my skin and in my body. Something inside of me always told me that the more closer to nature my products and food were the better my skin and health will be. Thanks to this mantra, I now have pretty good skin. People are often amazed that I hardly ever wear foundation. I have even been asked by a few professional make up artists what skincare I use because they were so impressed with my skin.

So whats the secret?

As a teenager I suffered from really bad acne prone and eczema prone skin. I mean shiny, pizza, borderline crater face bad! It was grotesque nd made me very self conscious. I tried all sorts of products and always found that the anti acne lines who promised to give me smooth clear skin actually did the opposite. They tended to suck my skin dry of all of its natural moisture resulting in my skin breaking out even more. So what worked?

From my pizza face experiences I learnt from a young age to look after my skin properly. Your skin is the first thing people see and instantly gives people a perception of who you are. After testing thousands of brands and formulas whether they be organic, non organic, over the counter, prescription, designer or supermarket brands, and I have to truly say that the less chemical nonsense in the ingredients, the better.

There are so many organic and natural skincare products out there which one is the best? In my opinion nothing beats KORA Organics


Founded by model Miranda Kerr, I was sceptical at first. Is this just another celebrity launching a beauty product just to make a quick buck? After investing in her three step cleansing plan I was happily surprised at how good the products were.

Contrary to other organic brands her moisturiser really hydrated my skin. My skin felt instantly soft and the mist toner had a calming effect that seemed to make my skin glow. After this first trial I decided to try some more products and I instantly fell in love with them. Now Kora is all I use and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for glowing skin.


One of my all time favourite products is her tinted moisturiser. I was confused at first as it only comes in one colour. I have darker skin to Miranda so i didn’t understand how this was going to work for me but it did. The cream blends really well to my skin tone and gives a very lightweight coverage to even out skin tone without the clog heavy feeling of foundation.

Flawless skin with Kora Organics  Flawless skin with Kora Organics

1.Just washed face, no make up 2..Even toned, light weight skin with Kora’s tinted moisturiser!

100% made in Australia with certified organic and natural ingredients, KORA offers a large range of products from cleaning creams, to exfoliators and shower gels. The only downside is that their products are quite expensive and are only available online if you live outside of Australia. However if you live in Australia then you can find the KORA at any David Jones Store around Australia.

Flawless skin with Kora Organics

Photo Credit @koraorganics

There you have it. My skincare secret to good skin.




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5 products for quick & easy everyday makeup

Now that I am a mum of a very demanding and vibrant little man, I hardly have anytime to myself let alone time to put on a full face of make up every morning. With all the classes and groups we now have scheduled almost everyday, leaving the house bare faced #Iwokeuplikethis just doesn’t work for me! I need to look presentable while using the smallest amount of time possible. So here are 5 must have products that I use everyday that are quick and easy and give a fresh glowing look.



I lurrrrve this base! It is moisturising and illuminating. It has a slight shimmer thats makes your skin glow. I feel it really helps to make your foundation look natural and gives a dewy look. I sometimes just use it on my face without foundation.


When I was pregnant, my skin started to dry out which was strange for me as I had always had quite oily skin. Now 7 months postpartum and my skin is still on the dry side, which meant I needed to find another foundation. This MAC one is excellent. It is a liquid that feels like a moisturiser. All I need to do is rub it on my face like I would a moisturiser and thats it. If I have more time I sometime use the beauty blender, which is pictured above.



I know it seems like I am a MAC ambassador but I really love this mascara. I have tried and tested a few from all different brands and this one gives the effect I am looking for. It thickens and lengthens the lash and it is easy to apply to your bottom lashes which was something I found difficult to do with some of the other brands I had tried.


4. Laura Mercier Lipstick 

I didn’t know much about Laura Mercier until a few friends of mine highly recommended their products, and I have been really impressed so far. I got this lipstick as a gift and it has become my go to everyday lipstick. It looks so natural and moisturises my lips at the same time. I use the shade ‘Crushed Pecan’ which gives a great nude / natural lip for my skin colour.

5. BodyShop Bronzing Beads

 I know I have talked about these before, but this is my all time favourite make up product. I have been using these for years and am still in love them. They instantly bring a lift to your complexion and give a healthy natural glow. When I am in a rush and have been tired because my son has kept me up all night, all I do is brush this on my cheeks and T-zone and I instantly look refreshed. They come in two different shades, this shade and another for fairer skin.

So there you go, my easy make up must haves. Hope you enjoyed my post!

What are your favourite make up products?







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Keep Calm I’m Turning 30 and I am Embracing My Age

.Thats it, it has finally happened. I am 30! The big 3 0. I am no longer a part of the desirable 20’s club. The club of beautiful skinny people that everybody wants to be a member of. When you are in your 20’s you are technically an adult but you are still classed as being young. You are excused of poor judgement calls, staying out all night drinking is almost expected of you and splashing your cash on clothes and cocktails is just a part of being 20.

But once you hit your 30’s, thats it, responsibility is laid  down on your shoulders. You are expected to make sensible choices, to have your white picket fence and a collection of Mary Berry’s Homebake Recipes.

“Hitting your 30’s means that fun has been sucked out of your life”

You are, in the eyes of the world, old enough to know better. So goodbye bodycon short dresses and sexy heels, and hello baggy yoga pants and nipple high knickers because apparently hitting your 30’s means that fun has been sucked out of your life and it is all downhill from here!

embracing my age

I personally didn’t have an issue with turning 30. Frankly I was just thrilled to have an excuse to buy a pretty pink cake and not feel guilty for shovelling it down my throat. But I could definitely see that turning 30 was a turning point for most people, especially for women.

When I was wished happy birthday, I noticed the tone was almost apologetic, and even though I know it was all in good humour it got me thinking. Why is ageing viewed as a negative? Why is there a social pressure on us to stay young?

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my “OH MY GOD I’m old” moments where I inspect my face for any lines that may or may not have appeared. But I feel that the pressure has become overwhelming for todays women. More and more we are led to believe that younger is better. That once you turn a certain age your sexuality and beauty is out the window. That you are now too old to go after your dreams.

“More and more we are led to believe that younger is better”

I have seen a few of my friends fret and panic as they approached their 30’s and all I have wanted to do was to reassure them that they are still fabulous! We may not be those giggly little airheads we were 10 years old but we are not old invalids either! As Fashion Photographer Peter Lindbergh has recently said to the fashion world ‘It is ridiculous to pretend there are no beautiful older women’ and he is absolutely right!

Check out his ‘Reunion’ photoshoot he did with Italian Vogue were he shot supermodels from the 90’s who are now in the 40’s and 50’s 

embracing my age(Cindy 50, Claudia 46 & Naomi 46, looking just as good as they did 20 years ago in this years Balmain Spring/Summer Collection campaign)

[amazon_link asins=’1910782572,000813961X,0007522053,0857833170′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’confidentlyky-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’78583997-3964-11e7-95bb-f7deff171148′]

“The n°1 reason most are scared of ageing is the misconception that beauty and all things good in life die as you get older”

The n°1 reason most are scared of ageing is the misconception that beauty and all things good in life die as you get older. If you believe that then maybe it will come true, but as in most aspects in life, I believe that it is a choice. More and more researchers are discovering that premature ageing and disease can be prevented and even reversed with food, and I am a firm believer! If your body is depleted of vitamins and nutrients then how can you expect it to look and feel its best? Just because the Poppin Fresh Doughboy had clear smooth skin, doesn’t mean you will!

“More and more researchers are discovering that premature ageing and disease can be prevented and even reversed with food”

If you have shovelled huge amounts of chemical laden junk food into your body over the last decade then you cannot expect your skin to keep its youthful glow. Your body would be full of toxic waste and would spend all of its time and energy trying to expel it. Energy that could have been used to repair and regenerate other parts of your body. That is why I advocate detoxing your body at least every year. Cleaning out the waste = A healthy glowing you.

All you have to do is look at the women out there who take the time to nourish their bodies. You can see the effects it has on their appearance and life. Look at Miranda Kerr and Jessica Alba. Both women are owners of successful organic skincare companies, have successful careers and are raising children. Yet they have succeeded at looking fabulous in their mid 30’s! Their secret? Organic healthy eating and de-stressing with meditation and Yoga.

embracing my age

If you look after your body then it will look out for you. So instead of fearing your numbers, embrace them! You decide what life you are going to lead, not a ticking clock!




[amazon_link asins=’1910782572,000813961X,0007522053,0857833170′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’confidentlyky-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’78583997-3964-11e7-95bb-f7deff171148′]




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Stop Slut Shaming: Empower women instead of slut shaming!

During a catch up with old friends and family, I noticed a mentality that disturbed me somewhat. A way of thinking that I had not seen since my teenage years, and that in my opinion has no place in this day and age amongst adults.

While casually chatting with some of the girls about life, the topic of conversation turned to relationships. Asking one of my single friends if she was seeing anyone, she went on to say that she had just split from someone. She then proceeds to tell me how many men she has slept with, and how difficult it is to find a nice guy with the amount of ‘sluts’ around. Taken aback a bit, I carried on with my night slightly disturbed at her comments as I watched her commenting and judging other women based on their make up and dress sense throughout the night.

“I watched her commenting and judging other women”

As the night went on, I could see there was hostility from the group towards one girl in particular who to me, seemed like a generally nice girl. During dinner the next night a male friend of mine turned to me and said ‘I cannot stand that girl. I don’t like her hanging out with my girlfriend because she is a hoe!’.

When I tried to get an explanation as to why she was a ‘hoe’, What I got disturbed me. Apparently the only reason this girl was not welcome into their group of friends was because she had, on occasion, intimate relations with men she was not in a serious relationship with.

Now my friend is far from innocent when it comes to the opposite sex. He is known for being a player. He is one of those men that would sleep with any girl who would allow it and then turn around and call them all sluts for being too easy. What disturbed me the most is that during this conversation another one of the girls at the table instantly agrees with my friends view on this poor girl. Then proceeds to tell us that she has only slept with 2 men her whole life! By which, she is praised by the others at the table for having such a ‘low’number!. I could not believe my ears! Were we still in high school? Was this really a conversation I was having with adults??

“Were we still in high school? Was this really a conversation I was having with adults?”

As I thought about the events that had taken place that night, I was infuriated. What did those girls think they achieved by telling everyone how many men they had slept with? Did they think that that made them better than anyone else? That by having a low number meant they were more worthy, more deserving of love? More girlfriend material?

Was it was ok for that girl, who chose to enjoy her sexuality, to be immediately branded a slut and treated as instant trash because of it. And the men? Most of them notorious for being players themselves. Constantly ogling anything in a skirt, flashing their double standards in front of everyone as if it were completely normal! They can ogle, cheat and sleep around all they want but if a women is comfortable with her sexuality then she is an instant slut and is thrown to the wolves as soon as they’re done!

“If a women is comfortable with her sexuality then she is an instant slut”

The sad thing is that I used to be one of those girls. Growing up in a family with an asian background and strong religious beliefs, the subject of sex is a huge taboo. Sex is a sin and is an act carried out between man and wife. A wife’s duty to her husband. Sexual desires or urges as a woman were never discussed and was usually frowned upon. This was taught down from the older generations, from our grandparents day and age.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that morals and self respect are very important and that children should be taught this from a young age. However I also believe that they should be taught to respect and empower each other. For young minded individuals it is important to be cautious. It is important to understand and practise self respect when it comes to the opposite sex, especially for young girls. But there is a fine line between teaching self respect and teaching girls that it is shameful to be confident in their bodies.

“Why is it that we have such a slut shaming culture?”

Why is it that we have such a slut shaming culture? How do we live in a so called ‘modern’ society, yet still have views about women that belong in the middle ages? I think  religion has a lot to do with this attitude. In the days of ancient civilisations and paganism, women were rejoiced, seen as goddesses. If she chose you, then it was a damn honour to be chosen. Roll on a couple of centuries and women were seen as inferior, temptresses. If a man was overcome with lust it was the woman’s fault not the mans.

Even though we have come along way from those times. This general attitude still seems prevalent. What strikes me the most is that this attitude is not only enforced by men but by women too.

[amazon_link asins=’006228259X,1844087093,147114920X,0738217026′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’confidentlyky-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d5b36d24-3967-11e7-92d4-a72401e5352b’]

“What strikes me the most is that this attitude is not only enforced by men but by women too”

This needs to stop! We need to empower one another. The reason I have this blog is to help empower and inspire people to be happy with themselves. I am NOT a feminist, I am a humanist. I believe EVERYBODY no matter what gender, religion, ethnic background or whatever, deserves to be happy and live a fulfilled life.

So lets stop these negative attitudes! Sex is a natural act that when performed amongst consenting adults can be a beautiful act of love. Monkeys, apes and dolphins are known to enjoy sex with one another for reasons other than reproducing and I honestly do not see them slut shaming their females for it afterwards!!! Being comfortable and confident in one’s body should be praised not ridiculed!

“Let Stop Slut Shaming”

So if you see a girl who is wearing a tight, short dress, admire her confidence instead of shaming or judging her. Let her confidence inspire you. And if you are lucky enough to meet a woman that lets you close to her in anyway then you should be GOD DAMN proud that SHE chose YOU instead of putting her down for it!

Shaming her after such an honour reflects more your issues than hers. And that goes for men too, men and women deserve to be respected and not judged based on their past choices, how they dress or what they choose to do in the privacy of their own homes. As long as they are not harming anyone else then it is none of your business.

So lets empower each other instead of putting each other down. The world is a better place when it is full of happy people!



[amazon_link asins=’006228259X,1844087093,147114920X,0738217026′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’confidentlyky-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’d5b36d24-3967-11e7-92d4-a72401e5352b’]




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