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Welcome to my blog. This blog is aimed at inspiring mums to keep sight of their identity after motherhood.

In order to be a good mum we need to look after ourselves. More often than not I have come across mums who have lost all sense of their identity after entering the world of motherhood. Our natural instinct is to nurture and look after those around us, particularly our babies. But in doing so we often neglect the one person who truly matters…..Ourselves.

I remember completely losing myself after my son was born. My days were spent cleaning and cooking. Attending to the baby and trying to be the perfect mum and housewife. I had so many things that needed done that when it came to my self care I said to myself. Oh I will do it later. But later never came. Until one day i looked myself in the mirror and hardly recognised myself. I was a mess. Physically and emotionally. In all my time looking after everyone else, who was looking after me?

I realised that in order to be the best mum I can be I need to look after myself first. My life doesn’t have to end because I am not a mother.

As amazing as Motherhood is, it takes its toll on us. But just because we are mums doesn’t mean that we need to lose sight of who we are. We are still fabulous, beautiful and sexy women. We still have dreams and ambitious, and we can still achieve them. We are the same women we were before children. Even before we had husbands.

 Confidently Kylie is here to inspire you. To help you be the best mum and woman you can be simultaneously. 

Follow me on my journey as I learn to being a kick ass woman as well as an amazing mum to my son Gabriel.

Confidently Kylie

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