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When I first found out I was going to be a mum I had a vision of how my new life was going to be. It was picture perfect, a life full of hopes and dreams all made better with the arrival of a child.  Then when the baby arrived reality hit. I was a mess. Not only did I underestimate the time and sacrifice raising a child meant. I completely lost all sense of who I was. My career was down the tubes,  the house was a constant mess and my ” spare tyre” was enough to supply every single car in frigging Scotland. My mental health took a dive and the confident outgoing Kylie I used to be was no more. Instead the person I saw in the mirror was a stressed out, overtired frump whose chat was as exciting as watching grass grow! Who was I?

It is staggering how this story, my story is far from the only one. Almost every new mum I encountered suffered the same overbearing despair that they had lost their identities. That with the whirlwind of parenthood we had forgotten and neglected all the amazing aspects of ourselves that make up who we were.

This blog is about not forgetting who you are. Not forgetting to pursue your dreams. Not forgetting to wake up and do something that makes you feel like the kickass woman you are. It is about being a confident mum while also being YOU. I learnt quickly that self care was vital for not only my mental health and self-esteem, but also for the well being of my kids and husband. That in order for me to be the successful modern mum I dreamed of being I had to continue to enjoy life and look after myself.

This is a lifestyle blog that focuses on fashion, beauty, health and well-being in the daily life of a modern mum. It is for the everymum who needs inspiration to be beautiful, fun, and confident while conquering the challenging world of Motherhood.

Disclaimer: There may be times I promote a brand or product. Sometimes this may be a paid promotion, most of the time it is not. If it is a paid promo it will be clearly stated in the post. My blog is truly authentic, all views and opinions are my own and I endorse only the few products i truly use and believe in.
  • I love this blog. Its great. Do you only post once a month?

    • Kylie Abreu
      July 18, 2018

      Hi Sophia. Thank you for your lovely comment. Well no.. I usually post every week but have been on a study hiatus for a while. I am planning on getting back to regular posting x

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