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I am Confidently Kylie

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My name is Kylie and I am the Author and Creator of Confidently Kylie, a fashion and lifestyle blog based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I am what I like to call a Modern Mum / sometimes immature child at heart. I love everything Fashion and Style, Pretty and Unique but most of all I love being Confidently Me. I’m far from an expert on living the best life. In fact, I have had my far share of traumatising life events that have sent me over the edge one too many times. However I have learnt that my mistakes make me stronger, and that being true to yourself gets you further than following the crowd.  

Motherhood is full of pressure and self doubt. Whether it be about our parenting skills, our career choices, or the way we dress and look. It can be tiring and stressful and just damn right unfair. When I first gave birth to my beautiful boy, I felt like I had stepped back in time to my teenage years of worries, low confidence and the need to do what everyone else was doing.  I was an insecure mess. The barrage of expectations thrown my way overwhelmed me and I felt like I was no longer allowed to be the person and individual I had once been. Despite the expectations and judgey comments. I quickly learnt that the best way to be the mother and  

woman I wanted to be was to embrace the unique person I was. And be confident with who I am. I embraced my own way of mothering. While still holding on to my passions in life. I wanted to pave my own path and refused to let my identity and passion for life slip because I am a mother. Happiness, Self Improvement and Living life to the fullest are my mantras, with of course a dash Fashion and a sprinkle of confidence. I want to change the perceptions that mums are boring, frumpy and no longer relevant. I want to break the barriers society made for us and show them that we can run the world.

Confidently Kylie is the every girl turned modern mum. It is about Self loveConfidence and Motherhood while being Effortlessly Stylish and Confidently True to yourself.


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Kylie is a former Fashion Buyer now Modern Mum Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger in Aberdeen, Scotland. She is mum to 2 year old  son Gabriel. Originally from Australia, Kylie hopes to inspire other mums through her love of Fashion, Beauty and Fun and to alway let mums everywhere know that being themselves is the best way to be. She has worked with numerous brands and companies such as John Lewis, MINI, Hive, GHD, Bobbi Brown,  and many more. If you would like to work with Kylie or request a media kit. Please contact her at



Disclaimer: There may be times I promote a brand or product. Sometimes this may be a paid promotion, most of the time it is not. However if it is a paid promo it will be clearly stated in the post. My blog is truly authentic, all views and opinions are my own and I endorse only the few products i truly use and believe in.