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Welcome to Confidently Kylie, a personal style and lifestyle blog created by Kylie Olive Abreu. Founded in 2014 as a way to put into pictures my passion for fashion and self improvement. My blog started to grow attention in 2016 after the birth of my son and has been growing ever since.

The Confidently Kylie reader is the everyday girl who is interested in the latest fashion trends, the best beauty tips, a healthy lifestyle and relatable anecdotes about entering the world of motherhood.

I have worked with a number of brands and online magazines such as ScaryMommy, Huffington Post, MINI Aberdeen, No1 Magazine and more

If you wish to work with me than please get in touch through email at Kylie@Confidentlykylie.com



There will times you may see a disclaimer on some of my posts.

PR sample means that I received a sample product from a company to review or test out.

Sponsored Post  means a company paid me to write a post on their product/company.

Contains Affiliate Links means the post contains link that may earn me a small commission at no cost to you.

I wish to make clear that all views are my own and all product reviews are based on my true experiences and views. I review products and companies I actually use and love and will never write a post on a company I don’t truly believe in.

Be Confidently You while I be Confidently Kylie

Lots of Love


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