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My Top Things To Do & See In Berlin

By Posted on 18 4 m read

Since having my little boy over 2 years ago, I thought that adult trips away were a thing of the past. But when my brother announced that he was planning a trip to Germany and that I should join him. I could not resist. As many of you probably already know, my whole family live in Australia. Perth to be exact. Family weekends away in another country were just not feasible when I was growing up. So the thought of exploring a new country with my brother was beyond exciting. We could party hard, explore a new culture and catch up all at once. Plus I had never been to Germany and had heard so many good things about it. So I booked my flights and had a 4 day weekend in Berlin. Here are My Top Things To Do & See In Berlin.


The Berlin Wall


One of the first things I was keen to see was the Berlin Wall. After watching Bridge of Spies not that long ago, I was intrigued by this part of German history. That was scarily not that long ago. There are only a handful of sites in Berlin where the original wall still remains. The most famous are Check Point Charlie and The East Side Gallery.

The East Side Gallery was something I had on my to do list and was my first stop when I arrived. Mostly because of the controversial and widely famous art works. It is a huge tourist area and I would recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds and get the pictures you want. I was both impressed and underwhelmed with the gallery. The gallery itself is very long and after a few miles we stopped and turned back. There are only a small number of really good art to see despite the wall being covered. And the crowds of people were too much.

What was impressive was to see the actual wall. There were two walls built with a space in the middle of them called “The Death Zone’. Near the East Side Gallery they have a part where both walls still stand. It is eerie visiting it and knowing the turmoil many people suffered trying to escape.


Holocaust Memorial & Nazi Museum

I had seen pictures of this memorial on the internet and thought it was essential to check it out. I was not disappointed. The memorial is a work of art unlike anything else. It is not only clever and unique but is also haunting and thought provoking. Designed by Peter Eisenman, the site covers 19 000 square metres with 2711 concrete slabs of different heights spread across it. It is a beautiful place of remembrance and is open 24/7. I think it set the tone very well and really evokes an emotional response.

If you are interested in how the Nazi Party was able to take over Germany, then you need to visit The Typography of Terrors. It is a museum dedicated to Nazi Germany and starts from the very beginning to the end. It is a very disturbing at the same time informative museum and leaves you in disbelief at how it all happened. I was impressed at how open they were about their past without shying away from questions about why the German people at the time fell under the nazi spell.


Brandenburg Gate

Probably the most famous monument in Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is another must see attraction. However the gate is more than just a neoclassical structure which had it’s Quadriga stolen by Napolean. It is a symbol of a united Berlin after the Cold War and fall of the Berlin Wall. When I first saw the gate, it was the finish line for the Berlin Marathon and was swarmed with proud runners taking pictures with their medals. But when I returned later in the night I saw just how beautiful and symbolic it can be. I would suggest visiting it in the evening as the sunset makes the lights around it very spectacular.


House of Small Wonders

For me a very important part of travelling is food. I always want to visit the best places for food and drink and I make sure to do some research before I go. One cafe that was an absolute must for me was The House of Small Wonders. This quirky little cafe is unlike any other. It looked like it should have been set in a Tim Burton movie. The plants hanging off the wall, the vintage props everywhere and the menu inside a book all made this cafe an instagrammers heaven. The Food was also quirky as I tasted steamed eggs and an apple cider smoothie for the first time! I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for something different and photo worthy.

After a great few days exploring with my brother I was eager to get home to my baby. It is funny how we crave getting away yet miss them as soon as we leave. Overall I enjoyed Berlin and can’t wait to explore more of Germany in the future.

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Our 4-Day West Scotland Family Staycation

When my husband asked me where I would like to go this summer I was conflicted. Usually I love the idea of exploring a new country. Especially if it meant beautiful sunshine and sandy beaches. However this year my feelings were different. So many times I have neglected to take advantage of the country I lived in and properly get to know them. I have lived in Australia, Switzerland, and France and failed to explore any of them.  So I decided that it was about time I look at what was on my doorstep and discover Scotland. This is our beautiful 4-Day West Scotland Family Staycation.


West Scotland Family Staycation

After a weekend in Glasgow we headed to a small town not far from Loch Lomond called Killin. It is a town rich in history, beautiful scenery and friendly down to earth people. Being a big fan of the series Outlander, what attracted me to Killin was the prospect of seeing an ancient stone circle ( while taking pictures pretending to travel through them much to my husbands dismay) as well as visiting a clan burial site. However when we arrived we were both pleasantly surprised despite the fact that my husband doesn’t care much about history nor Outlander.

The scenery was beautiful with the Falls of Dochart running through the town and the hospitality we received was very warming. This was our first little holiday with our son Gabriel and the staff at The Courie Inn made us all feel very welcome. Not to mention the food in their restaurant was delicious!

West Scotland Family Staycation

Confidently Kylie’s Top Things to do

  • Visit the Stone Circle
  • Enjoy the peaceful views of the Falls of Dochart
  • Visit the Clan burial ground
  • Climb up the small hill near the city centre for spectacular views.
  • Stay at the Courie Inn and have dinner in their lovely restaurant.

Isle of Mull

West Scotland Family Staycation

We arrived in Tobermory after a quick overnight stop in Oban and it felt like we were on a Mediterranean Island. The weather was perfect and the colourful seaside buildings and calm ocean painted a beautiful picture.  We spent our day hunting for otters and enjoying a wild life boat trip in the sun. The boat ride was nice but not really great for a 2 year old. He quickly got bored and I was thanking my lucky stars that we had packed his kindle. Be aware though that at night a lot of the restaurants do not accommodate children. We tried a few and were turned away. Luckily we found Macgochan’s pub with good priced food and a good kids menu.

Top things to do

  • Stroll around the beautiful city centre of Tobermory and look at all the small boutiques
  • Go Otter hunting
  • Take a boat ride to see the wild life


We set off in the direction of Glencoe and stopped off at the famous Sanna Beach. As beautiful as the beach was unfortunately for us the weather turned and it was raining heavily. This kinda ruined the experience a little nevertheless we took Gabriel along the rock pools to look for crabs which ended up being one of his highlights of the whole trip.

West Scotland Family Staycation

My highlight of the trip however was visiting the Glenfinnan Viaduct also known as the Hogwarts Train. Being a huge Harry Potter fan it was great to see the famous bridge and we were lucky enough to see the steam train travel on it. The hike up was lovely despite the rain however the only downside was the midgies! The Glenfinnan Dining Car, which is an old train car turned café is perfect for lunch before the hike and Gabriel loved sitting in the train.

West Scotland Family Staycation

Unfortunately the rain in Glencoe thwarted ours plans of going on long nature walks so we decided to visit Fort William instead and have a little city break. We took Gabriel to a great soft play at the Nevis Centre to let him burn off some energy as well as visited the West Highland Museum. The Museum is great if you love history and love stories about Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites.

However one major issue we had while staying in Glencoe was finding places to eat in the evenings. We were staying in a small B&B in the middle of a residential area where restaurants were scarce. The first night we arrived it took us 3 failed attempts while driving for miles before we found a restaurant that had places available. Luckily the place we found was one of the best fish restaurants we have ever been to. The food and views of the lake were amazing and we all thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

Things to do

  • Fort William – Visit The Soft play at the Nevis Centre or learn about Scottish History at the West Highland Museum
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct : Start by having lunch at The Glenfinnan Dining Car, before hiking up to see the viaduct. Don’t forget the midge spray.
  • Lochleven Seafood Cafe : This is a must! Have the langoustines as a starter!

We had a great little family staycation in the West of Scotland. I cannot wait to explore this beautiful country some more in the future.

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Barbados & St Lucia : The Best Destination For The Ultimate Honeymoon

As a lot of you already know from my instagram feed ,my husband and I spent our honeymoon on the gorgeous islands of Barbados and St Lucia.

We had researched a lot of destinations for our honeymoon and decided that the Caribbean was the best option for us. The fact that is was a direct flight from London to Barbados, and that we would be able to bath in the sun in the middle of December was a deal breaker. The only down side to the trip was spending 10 days away from our son however we knew that if we brought him with us it would not have been a honeymoon.

Check out my first ever blog highlighting our trip at the bottom of this post!


We arrived in Barbados and were immediately greeted with a rum cocktail and balmy weather. Staying at The Coral Reef Club, where we were right next to the beach. Made the trip so much more magical!

A tour of the Mount Gay Rum Distillery, a night out at the Oistins fish fry and jet skiing on these crystal clear beaches took up most of our time. Not staying longer is our only regret and I am convinced that these are the best beaches in the world!

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

St Lucia

After 4 days, off we went to St Lucia where we stayed at the epic Ladera Resort. Which is one of the only hotels in the world to offer 3 walled rooms! St Lucia is less touristy than Barbados however the untouched nature makes it breathtaking.

On our first day we climbed the Gros Piton, which is a 4 hour hike! It was a challenge but rewarding afterwards. We did a Rainforest Tour where we hiked down to a beautiful little waterfall. The water was cold but very refreshing after walking in the hot sun. We covered ourselves in skin purifying mud at the Sulfur Springs and zip-lined across the rainforest to fill some of the days with a little adventure

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

Barbados & St Lucia

The Caribbean is definitely a must see destination, especially Barbados. The beaches and friendly people are the highlight for me. I have already made plans to come back on our 10th year Anniversary!

Check out my vlog highlighting our trip. Please feel free to comment and let me know what you think.



barbados & st lucia
The Ultimate Caribbean Holiday in Barbados and St Lucia


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Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel & Place We Got Engaged!

I have always been a huge fan of Disney. So it should come as no surprise to me that at 30 years old I still choose to watch disney films in my spare time. I am not ashamed to admit it. I love a fairytale. So lucky for me, I got engaged in the most fairytale hotel on the planet, and I don’t think any other luxury hotel can ever compare.

In the summer of 2015, Lee and I had planned a return trip to France. This time focusing on the South of France. We were to attend a wedding in Bordeaux and then travel across to Lyon while stopping off and visiting areas along the way. One of our stop offs was in Champagnac-de-Belair, Dordogne, and it would end up being one of the most important moments of my life.

Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel

Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel

I didn’t know much about where we were going. I had seen a quick photo of the hotel Lee had booked and thought it was nice. However nothing prepared me for just how nice it was.

When you arrive at the hotel, The exterior doesn’t give much away. The beautiful grounds are well hidden from the outside. It is only once you step inside and are escorted to your room that you are made aware of its magical atmosphere.

Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel

Fine Dining & Infinity Pool

Private Tennis Courts, Infinity Pool and A Michelin Star Restaurant, it was a perfect getaway for our 1 night stay. We explored the gardens and grounds, laid by the pool and enjoyed a 3 course Michelin Star Menu. I was 6 weeks pregnant at this point and was gutted to not be able to enjoy the wine and cheeses of France at this Luxury Restaurant. However the staff were very accommodating and made me a non alcoholic cocktail and helped me choose the best dishes on the menu. ( for all you Mauvaises langues, Lee had already asked my stepdad for my hand in Australia months before and he had planned this trip before I was pregnant)

Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel

After our amazing meal on the terrace next to the lake, we went up to our hotel room. I jumped straight into my pyjamas as soon as I got to the room. Only to have Lee tell me to get dressed again. He wanted to sit and take photos on the balcony. The real reason of course was that he was going to propose. So me sitting in my grandma pyjamas would have taken the magic away just a bit! Oops!

The next day we had a beautiful romantic breakfast on the terrace before setting off to Lyon. We were buzzing from our big news and couldn’t wait to tell all of friends and family!

If you are looking to feel like you are part of a Disney film. Then Moulin Du Roc is definitely the place for you. It is hands down the best hotel we have ever stayed in. To book the hotel and read all the amazing reviewvisit Le Moulin Du ROC.

Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel

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Le Moulin du Roc : Luxury Fairytale Hotel



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Couples Weekend in Gleneagles 5 Star Luxury Resort

By Posted on 7 3 m read

We are back after spending 2 nights at Gleneagles Hotel Resort in Perthshire and it was amazing. As new parents we desperately needed a bit of alone time and this weekend was perfect. ( Click here to check out my post on some of the dumbest arguments we have had since becoming parents). When my partner told me that he had a deal for us to spend 2 nights at Gleneagles, I wasn’t really fussed. All I knew was that Gleneagles was a golfing resort which didn’t really appeal to me at all. It wasn’t until we arrived that my jaw hit the ground.

To say this place is lovely is an understatement. It is very traditionally old Scottish and the large grounds are spectacular. Not only is this hotel known for its golf course, but it also houses some of the country’s finest chefs such as Andrew Fairlie as well as a number of activities suited for everyone.

When you arrive at the Hotel you are greeted with bagpipes making you really soak in the Scottish culture. The decor is traditional chic keeping it classy and cosy at the same time.

Weekend in Gleneagles Weekend in Gleneagles

Lee had booked himself in to play golf all morning, so I took the opportunity to explore the hotel. I was impressed to find a little shopping arcade with quaint little boutiques to buy souvenirs, clothes and jewellery as well as a nail bar! As I worked my way further into the hotel, it felt like Gleneagles was a little village in itself.

There was a little brasserie with a small indoor terrace and a little french café where you could sit and have a coffee and croissant. Further on you had 2 indoor pools, one reserved for adults only with steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. Then you had a small but lovely heated outdoor pool as well as a fitness club.Weekend in Gleneagles

Weekend in GleneaglesThe Brasserie : The indoor terrace was just lovely!

Weekend in GleneaglesCoffee and Cake anyone?

After exploring I spent the morning at the gym and then tucked into the best breakfast buffet I have ever seen. Full Scottish Breakfast as well as a Pancake stand, Cheese and cold meat stand, Fruit Stand, and Cereal and baked goods stand. If wasn’t getting married in 9 weeks I would have spent the whole morning eating!

Weekend in Gleneagles

In the Afternoon I met up with Lee to explore the grounds and have a look at this world famous golf course and views. I got a few quick snaps before it started to bucket down with rain. So we headed inside to chill at the pool.

Weekend in Gleneagles

Weekend in Gleneagles

Weekend in Gleneagles

Weekend in Gleneagles

Gleneagles houses 5 different restaurants and 3 different bars. We were lucky enough to get a reservation at the Andrew Fairlie 2 Michelin Star restaurant to try their 10 course degustation menu. The entire staff were so lovely and really made you feel welcome. Unlike other posh establishments that sometimes make you feel like you are worthless. The staff at Andrew Fairly were very warm and informative. The food presentation was like artwork, it felt a shame to eat it but I am glad we did. It was absolutely delicious!

Weekend in Gleneagles Weekend in Gleneagles

On the Sunday we filled our bellies (again) at the breakfast buffet and then took a long walk around the grounds before taking off back home to join our little cherub.

I would definitely recommend staying at the Gleneagles hotel if you are looking for a Luxurious Romantic Getaway with your partner or with your family. There are heaps of child friendly activities to do and we saw lots of families enjoying the resort with their kids. Beware, it can get expensive and make sure you check your bill when you leave. We were overcharged £300! Thankfully we checked before paying.

Check out Gleneagles Resort at



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LONDON TOWN : The Ultimate Hen Weekend in London

I love a girly weekend. Nothing gets me more excited then the prospect of having a whole weekend with my closest girls and having some crazy fun. So you can imagine how excited I was for my Hen Party in London!  The only catch was that I was kept completely in the dark. I had no idea where we were staying or what we were doing. So I had to just let loose and trust that my maid of honour knew what she was doing. And she definitely did!

Prosecco and Make Up

Flight was at 9:30am  and I can hear my maid of honour talking about how she has planned for me to have a prosecco breakfast. Awesome I thought. I have never heard of places serving a fry up with a glass of prosecco before plus I am super hungry. Score! Then I realise that a prosecco breakfast actually means just drinking prosecco for your breakfast. OUCH! These Scottish women, do they not know I am a light weight???

Arrive at our hotel and I am already buzzing from that prosecco. I am borderline hyperactive. SO what are we going to do? I am so excited. But when a random goth woman walks into my room with a carry on bag, I am thinking what the???? But relax, Its Kelly! Our fabulous and very talented make up and hair stylist for the night. Kelly has been assigned to turn us into 1920’s style bombshells before our big night at #ProudCamden Burlesque Show.

Weekend in London

Weekend in London
Kelly fits in amazingly with us girls and we have a great time getting pampered in my hotel room while drinking more prosecco and snacking on crisps and chocolate. My head is definitely going to hurt in the morning. The outcome is amazing. We all look absolutely stunning. We get ready and strut ourselves out the door direction Camden. If you want to get pampered by Kelly, then check out

Powder Puffs and Nipple Tassles

Arrive at #ProudCamden, and we are escorted to our seats. The setting is very 1920’s Burlesque with red velvet on the walls. As soon as we sit down we are on the booze again and I pick myself a Bloody Mary in the attempt to make me feel a little bit healthier with the tomato juice. Didn’t work. I was in the toilets sick before the show even started! Luckily I had a second wind and was feeling better once the food arrived.

Weekend in London

The show starts and up on the stage appears a blonde woman with the most amazing pair of tits I have ever seen. Not fair! I feel a pang of envy. How are they so perky and round? I bet she hasn’t breastfed a kid I think to myself as I look down at mine. They now resemble used up old teabags. As I am thinking this I can hear my future mother in law yelling ” Is this a lesbian hen party, why are there naked women” and we all cannot help but crack up laughing. The show was very entertaining and Miss Flexi was by far the best. She not only had the best bum in London she was able to swallow fire and contort her body in ways that seemed impossible. A great show and I even got my own pair of nipple tassles!

After some dancing and singing to “Time Warp”, we made our way back to the hotel to get some shut eye but not before sneaking in a cheeky burger king! I feel 19 again.

Cocktails in Soho

Are you freaking kidding me? First time I have the opportunity to sleep in until at least 8am (Yes for me that is sleeping in) and PING. I am awake at 6:30am on the dot. So I get up and go down stairs for breakfast but I am told not to eat too much as we are going out for brunch. NICE!

Weekend in London

I put on all of my hen gear and we head off direction Soho to an american style restaurant and cocktail bar called Dirty Bones. It is situated in this gorgeous little hidden away square full of cafes and restaurants. There we dig into a great deal where for one main meal ordered you get 4 cocktails included, and to top it off our waiter was Scottish. By the end of it we were all steaming and I am again extremely hyperactive and overly excited. Check out Dirty Bones here

Weekend in London

Singing and hairbrushes

This is what I have been waiting for. We arrive at the Jewel Bar in Piccadilly and are introduced to our camera man and dance choreographer. Yes You got it. We are filming a Music Video! So out come our hairbrushes and pyjamas and we are ready to shake our stuff to Hair by Little Mix. We even have a very own Sean Paul!

It was so much fun being silly and I think the 4 cocktails definitely helped. I would not have been able to have been so carefree if I had not had the alcohol to boost me. We all had a great time and I think that a lot of people who were unsure of this activity ended up loving it.

Check out our video – Next pop sensation Kylies Hen Do!

After our filming was up we got changed, had a few more cocktails thanks to our own little barmaid and then set off to complete some dares before heading out to the Comedy Store for the night. To do your own video check out

Laughs and Limbo

After such a hectic day we thought we would have an easy night at the comedy store. Or so we thought.  We got to see Gary Delaney, Fred Macaulay and others perform stand up which was a great laugh. It was also happy hours, so on the booze again.  The funniest moment is when my future sister in law trying desperately to get the attention on me, backfired and ended in her being in the spotlight and being unable to say anything else but “Kylie’s Hen”. 

After that we headed to Covert Garden to continue to complete some dares and partied the rest of the night at Dirty Martini. Gin and Tonics and 2 bottles of prosecco later we were playing limbo in the middle of the club and had a dance off with a group of guys we had befriended in the club.  So much for it being a quieter night! We were at our hotel at 3:30am and some of us were completely smashed. You know who you are!

Easy Sunday

Last day of the hen and I woke up at 7am again but this time with a banging headache. I was grateful to find out that today was a relax day and we were going to the Thai Spa for some pamper time.

After an amazing massage and laughs in the hot tub, we finished my hen at the covert garden hotel for a Champagne High Tea. I went for the Gentlemans high tea because I needed the fat to soak up all the alcohol I have consumed. Plus it looked delicious.

Weekend in London

Weekend in London

Thats is. My hen was over in a flash and I wish i could do it all over again. I want to thank everyone that took part in my lasts days as a single woman. I had the time of my life and was so sad it was over. It meant so much to have you all there and this weekend will forever be one of my best memories.

A special thanks to my beautiful maid of honour Jasmine, who without her this wouldn’t have happened. You did a great job and I am so grateful.

So with the Hen over, Next stop  is The Wedding!

Weekend in London


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