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Here is all of my posts aimed at helping you make life easier and tackle everyday life challenges as a Mother, Daughter, Wife and Human Being. It is basically the “Lifestyle” section of the blog.

The Busy Parents Guide To Valentine’s Day

By Posted on 12 3 m read 444 views

Like most things, the Romance of Valentine’s Day changes after having kids. With our heavy schedules it is easy to fob off this romantic holiday, however as gimmicky as it is there is no reason why you cannot dip into the fun of Valentine’s Day. As parents we often neglect ourselves and this is a good excuses to get back to basics with your partner. So here is my Busy Parents Guide To Valentine’s Day.


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Achieve Your Life Goals With The Daily Greatness Journal

By Posted on 6 3 m read 57 views

This year is going to be a big one for me. I have so many goals and objectives I wish to achieve. However as well as setting goals for for myself and my family for the next year I also want to take the time to improve myself as a person. To be more relaxed and stress free and take the time to reflect on what I want in life and how to achieve it. To be able to look at my relationships objectively and work towards making them better.

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Our Fairytale Scottish Wedding at Coo Cathedral

By Posted on 7 4 m read 156 views

The day Gabriel was born was the best day of my life, but so was the day I married my partner, lover and friend. Nothing prepared me for how emotional and fulfilling this day was going to be. A day of pure happiness, joy and love, that I wish I could relive again and again.

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How Living In The Present Helped Me To Take Control Of My Life & Be Who I Wanted To Be

By Posted on 24 4 m read 122 views

I realised quickly that my coping mechanism wasn’t working and that I was heading down a similar path to my dad. Knock on effect. What was I going  to do? I had already been taken to see counsellor after counsellor. I had already gone down the medication route and I didn’t want to continue the way I was going. So my only option left was for me to take control of my own life.

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5 Things I Have Learnt About Planning a Wedding

By Posted on 7 4 m read 85 views

With only 5 weeks until my fiancé and I tie the knot. Things have been stressful. Who knew that wedding planning was such a big task, right? For me it was supposed to be straight forward. Venue, Caterer, Music, Dress and Voila. Wedding Planned and Done! Or so I thought.

I didn’t anticipate …

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Why Am I Ashamed to be a Blogger?

By Posted on 26 5 m read 174 views

On a night out at a comedy club last weekend, the host was engaging with the audience around him, looking for someone to pick on. Sitting at the very front of the stage, I was an easy target. (It was my hen do for gods sakes I was an easy target for anything that weekend). Thankfully he started on other people that were closer to the stage but I knew it was a matter of time. As he talked and asked questions to the audience and poking fun at them I froze. Oh god! He is going to ask me what I do for a living?

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