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Here is all of my posts aimed at helping you make life easier and tackle everyday life challenges as a Mother, Daughter, Wife and Human Being. It is basically the “Lifestyle” section of the blog.

Pregnancy No 2 and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

By Posted on 2 3 m read

I am sure that a few of you have noticed the unscheduled absence on my blog and social media posts of late. Though I had been talking about new exciting projects, life had other plans for me. If you follow me on Instagram you would have found out why during the Christmas period. For those who don’t follow me (and seriously why aren’t you following me??) then ……..Ta da, I am pregnant and expecting our second born in May 2019.

Not As Blissful As I Had Hoped

Although now I am stable and happy with the progress of our little bean. I will admit that the start was a nightmare. I wish I could pretend to be like all those stylish beautiful mamas to be on instagram. Telling you about how #Blessed I am and how it is such a miracle. All while posing in gorgeous figure hugging dresses and high heels. But the reality for me was that I felt and looked like death for the first 4 months. Not only had i never experienced exhaustion to the point of not being able to lift myself off the couch. But my own body was literally starving me to death. Unfortunately I was one of the lucky few that was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

If you followed my journey from my first pregnancy. Then you would know I suffered a similar fate with my first born. 6 months of nausea, extreme sensitivity to smells and vomiting at the time, felt like the worse thing in the world. It never occurred to me that it could be worse. To be fair a part of me is unsure if my sickness was actually worse. Or if it was made to feel worse because this time around I had a toddler to care for. I couldn’t sit and binge watch Netflix while snacking on crisps all day and napping when I needed to. All I know is that it was torture, and was one of the first times I let go of my pride and called my husband offshore to plead for help as I couldn’t cope.

More Than Morning Sickness

This time around I got to really understand how horrible this syndrome is and can be. I literally felt like my body was starving me. Everything I consumed was thrown up minutes later and the feeling of dehydration and being so thirsty was the worst I have ever experienced. I wanted water so badly but just could not keep it down. It got to the point where I woke with blood on my pillow as my lips were so chapped the skin was ripping and bleeding. Despite my stomach getting bigger the number on the scales decreased and I finally let go of my anti medication stance and went to the doctors.

While searching the internet for any bit of advice I realised just how bad it can be for some women. With some of them being starved so badly they go into organ failure and some have to eventually terminate their pregnancies. Reading some of the stories I felt somewhat blessed to not be as bad as others which helped perk me up and be grateful.

What broke my heart the most was my poor wee baby Gabriel. He began to understand very quickly that something was wrong and that I was not well enough to play and entertain him as usual. He would come and check on me, see my throwing up and would then go and play by himself for long periods of time, giving me no trouble at all.

I Am Now 22 Weeks Pregnant

Now I am 22 weeks and I thank god that it has subsided. I actually feel normal while being pregnant. Something I never thought I would experience, and can now enjoy the journey with my husband and little boy. We have decided to keep the sex a surprise for the big day and I look forward to getting back into my blog and sharing this journey with you.

Thank you to all of you who reached out and asked where I was during this time. It really meant a lot!

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Things I Still Haven’t Learnt At 30

By Posted on 17 4 m read

I remember when I was little. I had just assumed that once you turned a certain age you officially became an adult. It was like a switch. Turn 21 and the knowledge of the world was bestowed to you and you would then be a reliable self sufficient human being. However as I got older I quickly realised that no matter what age I seemed to reach there were no revelations. That I was still the same goofy kid laughing at fart jokes at the age of 30. Even when I become a mum nothing changed. I just had a lot more responsibility. How can I raise another human being when I still feel like I have a lot to learn. But I realised that that is is part of the journey and now instead of trying to be the perfect adult I embrace my childishness. So here are my things I still haven’t learnt at 30 (technically I am 32 but……..shut up)

How to do things in moderation.

I have always been a bit of a pig as a kid. I blame it on our Asian upbringing where the more you ate the better. But even as an adult I cannot seem to shake the bingeing. I cannot eat just a handful of crisps, I need to eat the whole packet. Or I cannot just watch one episode on Netflix I need to finish the series. It is a trait that I had hoped to have lost as I grew older and wiser but apparently not….

Ate wayyy too much Wiener Schnitzel



How to wipe someone else’s bum without dry retching

I have been a mother for approximate 2 and a half years. You would think I would get used to the nappy changing and bum wipes by now. Especially when you have a son that averages about 4 turds a day. But I am not used to it. I very often have to fight the urge to vomit as I frantically try and wipe the mess away trying not to get it on my fingers. Who said motherhood was glamourous??

How to cook the right amount of rice/ pasta

I seriously thought that I would be the Australia/ Asian version of Betty Crocker by now. The amazing mum who knows how to cook up the perfect storm. But one trick that I can’t seem to master is the art of cooking to perfect amount of rice or pasta. I either cook too little leaving everyone wanting more. Or cook enough to feed my family plus the whole of Africa.

How to NOT burn my face, hand or other body part while styling my hair

If you follow me on facebook then you might remember my post about burning the whole side of my face with a curling iron. And trust me that was not the first time. I have burnt my forehead, cheek, hands and fingers and had marks on face that lasted over a year! But somehow I do not seem to learn and continue to curl my hair and burn myself. How do you all do it??

things I still haven't learnt at 30
Hair Curler 10, Kylie 0

How to understand directions like ‘Go west’ or “walk about 200 yards/metres”

When I ask for directions I want simple layman terms or for you to walk me there. However if you start using phrases like “go west” or ‘take a right turn in 200 yards”. chances are I am going to be lost forever. The worse part is that I will be too embarrassed to tell you I don’t know which way is west or I don’t know how far a yard is. And I will smile and nod like a understand while I am panicking like crazy in the inside.

How to have to will power to ‘get fit’

I often have the prep talk with myself. I think I have had it ever since I was born. Be healthy, go to the gym, get a six pack. I say it at every new year and on a lot of Mondays but one thing I have been consistent with is not doing it. I am yet to experience what it is like to have a six pack. And now will the baby weight still lingering I am not sure I will….I will start on Monday.

So there you have it. Even though I am technically an adult. That I am a mother and raising a little man (god help him). I still have not quite mastered the whole adulting thing. I am not the perfect picture of a mature lady. The perfect ‘in the box’ mother that I feel I am meant to be. I sometimes don’t even know how to be my own gender (cue in fart jokes and boy like behaviour). But I am ok with that. I am learning to be the perfect version of myself and that person is not perfect at all and you don’t have to be either.

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#HotLikeAMother : Meet Aberdeen Mums Turning Fashion Into Business

#HotLikeAMother is the new blog series created by Confidently Kylie that looks to break the barriers and expectations of Motherhood. Too often we hear that when you become a mother you must conform and sacrifice who you are and become the perfect picture of a frumpy, homemaking woman of the 50’s. But I call Bull Shit. Society’s expectations often brings mothers down. Making them feel like they are no longer relevant. At Confidently Kylie, we are here to bring mothers up and inspire mums to embrace their inner fire.

In this series I will be interviewing and getting to know some of the UK’s most kick ass mums. From inspiring boss babes, to stylish fashionistas, to just damn right inspirational mothers. All in the quest to encourage mums to go for their passions and be Hot Like A Mother…….

If you would like to be featured or know someone who should then please contact me at


Two friends, two mumpreneurs taking their passion for fashion to a whole other level. Kate and Claire are the founders and owners of up and coming personal styling service Coveted Styling. When I first met Kate and Claire I was immediately drawn to the duo. Not only for their impeccable style but also for their down to earth “mumsyness”. Their friendly nature and relatable characters immediately put me at ease and I felt like I could discuss anything and everything with them over a cup of tea. I spoke to Kate and Claire about Fashion, being a mum and their business.


Fashion is definitely one of my passions too. What made you start Coveted Styling?

Kate: Our friendship developed very quickly when we discovered we were both obsessed with fashion. We used to spend a lot of time talking to each other about clothes. About what to wear to certain parties or events we had on, that hasn’t changed! Instagram played a big part in it as we started following other stylists, loved what they did for other women and so decided to go for it. We did a styling course with The Image Consulting Company in Bristol which was brilliant. We even registered Coveted Styling while we were there!
Claire : We were both at a time in our lives where we wanted to do something for us. I was on maternity leave and Kate’s boys were at school & Nursery. We wanted to do something we love, as well as helping other women to feel good about themselves.

Both of you are mums and seem to be juggling a lot.  How do you keep on top of running a business, looking stylish plus the everyday challenges of motherhood?

Kate: Sometimes I get to the end of the day and feel like I’ve achieved loads and other days I feel the total opposite!  So I do try to be organised, l make a list every night of what has to be done the next day. I try to plan my outfits the night before so it’s one less thing to worry about before the madness of the school run. Also having the school uniform ironed and ready to go every morning helps but doesn’t always go to plan! That way I feel slightly in more control!
Claire: I also work Part-Time, so for me organisation is key! I like to plan my week so everyone knows whats happening and when. However we both have a strong support network that helps us out.


So many mums find it difficult to find the time to look after themselves. What are your style tips to make being fashionable effortless and accessible?

Claire : Try not to overthink it, don’t worry about following particular trends. Invest in good quality wardrobe staples that make you feel good and can be worn with lots of other items in your wardrobe.
Kate: If you don’t want to spend lots of money on the new ‘on trend’ items we suggest choosing some accessories which can update your outfits in an instant. Leopard print is huge this season but some ladies are a bit scared of it. So you could start off small with a belt or bag and see how you feel. It’s a way to be on trend without going head-to-toe if you’re not sure. Belts are a great accessory to have in your wardrobe too, whether for jeans or a dress/skirt they can really add something extra with minimal effort.

High Street or High End?

Kate: We are both fans of both. The high street is amazing and gets better all the time in terms of quality and value for money. I do love high end things such as bags and shoes though for that little bit of luxury sometimes. But the high street is fab at creating their own versions making it very accessible.
Claire: I like to invest in key staple items such as handbags, shoes & Coats. But the high street is my go-to for every day style.
aberdeen mums

Where are your favourite places to shop?

Claire: We are big online shoppers as we love the comfort of our own homes. Plus it is more convenient for busy mums like ourselves. I love ASOS has it has the variety of brands, styles, price range, shoes & accessories. I also love Topshop & Warehouse
Kate: ASOS like Claire, as they have so much and you can often buy a whole outfit from there. Their next day delivery is fab! River Island is my go-to for footwear and I love Zara and New Look for their on trend pieces without spending a fortune. But I also really love finding new brands and boutiques on instagram, buying things you maybe wont get in the normal places.

Confidently Kylie is all about being Confidently You. How do you stay confident and true to yourself when us mums tend to do everything for everyone else?

Claire : Make up! Not a full face, but a bit of concealer and highlighter to cover the eye bags! I also have short hair, so I like to make sure I give it a good blow dry.  I don’t have the ease of popping it up in a Mum bun!
Kate: We have days when we don’t always feel good about ourselves. Especially if i’m a rush to get out of the house or everything is going wrong! I love make up like Claire but the one thing I can’t go without is having my nails and toes done regularly. I’ve also got back into exercise recently and  it’s definitely something that gives me a boost of confidence and makes me feel good about myself!
aberdeen mums

What advice would you give to mums who feel like they have lost themselves in the whirlwind of motherhood?

Claire : Just having some me time is important, so when you get the chance you should take it! I think it’s important to take time out to do things which you did before becoming a mummy. For me that is spending time catching up on my favourite blogs, or going into town and having a look around the shops.
Kate: Try and do some of the things you did before becoming a mum. Things that always seemed so simple but not so easy now! But also just enjoy it. Now both my boys are at school I’ve realised how quickly the time has gone and I’m kind of missing the whirlwind!!

Last but not least, What are your go to style items and why?

Claire: I have about 10 variations of a Breton top in my wardrobe! I can’t get enough… they are perfect for Mum days. Can be dressed up with a maxi skirt over the weekend or pop a blazer over it. Or why not over jeans and a heel for a smarter feel. It’s a wardrobe staple which will always be in style.
Kate: My go to style items can vary quite a lot but I do like anything that can be worn every season. I just change how I wear them. In summer I lived in shirt dresses, I have quite a few from New Look! They are so easy and comfy to wear. I can carry on wearing them throughout autumn/winter with ankle boots and my leather biker jacket. But I am also a massive fan of a shacket, slogan t-shirt, cropped jeans and sneakers for everyday running about. The one thing that never changes is my obsession with cross-body handbags as they go with everything in my wardrobe!
aberdeen mums
You can check out Coveted Stylings Instagram Page here and their facebook page here to book them for a personal styling experience

If you would like to feature  or you know someone who would be perfect for it. Then contact me at

Follow Confidently Kylie On Instagram and Facebook!

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My Top Things To Do & See In Berlin

By Posted on 18 4 m read

Since having my little boy over 2 years ago, I thought that adult trips away were a thing of the past. But when my brother announced that he was planning a trip to Germany and that I should join him. I could not resist. As many of you probably already know, my whole family live in Australia. Perth to be exact. Family weekends away in another country were just not feasible when I was growing up. So the thought of exploring a new country with my brother was beyond exciting. We could party hard, explore a new culture and catch up all at once. Plus I had never been to Germany and had heard so many good things about it. So I booked my flights and had a 4 day weekend in Berlin. Here are My Top Things To Do & See In Berlin.


The Berlin Wall


One of the first things I was keen to see was the Berlin Wall. After watching Bridge of Spies not that long ago, I was intrigued by this part of German history. That was scarily not that long ago. There are only a handful of sites in Berlin where the original wall still remains. The most famous are Check Point Charlie and The East Side Gallery.

The East Side Gallery was something I had on my to do list and was my first stop when I arrived. Mostly because of the controversial and widely famous art works. It is a huge tourist area and I would recommend getting there early to avoid the crowds and get the pictures you want. I was both impressed and underwhelmed with the gallery. The gallery itself is very long and after a few miles we stopped and turned back. There are only a small number of really good art to see despite the wall being covered. And the crowds of people were too much.

What was impressive was to see the actual wall. There were two walls built with a space in the middle of them called “The Death Zone’. Near the East Side Gallery they have a part where both walls still stand. It is eerie visiting it and knowing the turmoil many people suffered trying to escape.


Holocaust Memorial & Nazi Museum

I had seen pictures of this memorial on the internet and thought it was essential to check it out. I was not disappointed. The memorial is a work of art unlike anything else. It is not only clever and unique but is also haunting and thought provoking. Designed by Peter Eisenman, the site covers 19 000 square metres with 2711 concrete slabs of different heights spread across it. It is a beautiful place of remembrance and is open 24/7. I think it set the tone very well and really evokes an emotional response.

If you are interested in how the Nazi Party was able to take over Germany, then you need to visit The Typography of Terrors. It is a museum dedicated to Nazi Germany and starts from the very beginning to the end. It is a very disturbing at the same time informative museum and leaves you in disbelief at how it all happened. I was impressed at how open they were about their past without shying away from questions about why the German people at the time fell under the nazi spell.


Brandenburg Gate

Probably the most famous monument in Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is another must see attraction. However the gate is more than just a neoclassical structure which had it’s Quadriga stolen by Napolean. It is a symbol of a united Berlin after the Cold War and fall of the Berlin Wall. When I first saw the gate, it was the finish line for the Berlin Marathon and was swarmed with proud runners taking pictures with their medals. But when I returned later in the night I saw just how beautiful and symbolic it can be. I would suggest visiting it in the evening as the sunset makes the lights around it very spectacular.


House of Small Wonders

For me a very important part of travelling is food. I always want to visit the best places for food and drink and I make sure to do some research before I go. One cafe that was an absolute must for me was The House of Small Wonders. This quirky little cafe is unlike any other. It looked like it should have been set in a Tim Burton movie. The plants hanging off the wall, the vintage props everywhere and the menu inside a book all made this cafe an instagrammers heaven. The Food was also quirky as I tasted steamed eggs and an apple cider smoothie for the first time! I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for something different and photo worthy.

After a great few days exploring with my brother I was eager to get home to my baby. It is funny how we crave getting away yet miss them as soon as we leave. Overall I enjoyed Berlin and can’t wait to explore more of Germany in the future.

Liked this post? Then check out our West Coast of Scotland Roadtrip


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Why It Is Ok To Have A Bad Day

I am an avid believer that we, if we believe it, can achieve anything we put our minds too. I believe that through hard work and organisation we can achieve the work life balance we all crave. That we can achieve our goals all while being a good role model and parent to our children. However with that being said, I have never pretended it would be easy. There are days when I think that I have everything down pat. That I am doing pretty darn well at this parenting game. But then there are days like today where I just want to smash my head against a wall and hide under a rock. Hoping that the never ending ‘to do’ list will miraculously disappear and I will no longer have this pit in my stomach. Feeling guilty that my mind is not 100% focussed on my son. But while it sucks to have those days of self doubt and anxiety. It can sometimes be a blessing in disguise…a very good disguise. Here is why it is ok to have a bad day.


Why it is ok to have a bad day


Self Doubt is Only One Step Away From Self Improvement


A healthy amount of self doubt and criticism is not always a bad thing. Even though at the time it may feel like your life is falling apart and you cannot seem to do anything right. It can actually be a catalyst for some real personal growth and change. More often that not people who are able to question themselves and their abilities are more likely to succeed in life than those who believe they are always right. It shows a willingness to learn which can also turn into increased motivation to become the person you want to be. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

Before I started studying for my Marketing Qualification. The idea of having to study every day plus run my blog and look after my 2 year old seemed impossible. I seriously doubted my abilities. But I said to myself if other people can do it why can’t I? I used my self doubt as motivation to improve. So I sat down and wrote out a weekly schedule and then signed up for my course. A year later and I managed to get a distinction on my exam despite my previous worries.

Just remember that you and your journey is unique. Comparing your chapter one to someones else’s chapter 20 is a sure fire way to lose all self confidence. Use your self doubt as motivation to succeed and don’t let it get the better of you.

There is a lesson in every struggle


For every really bad day I have had. I can be sure that I have learnt something from it. Either about myself or about situations around me. I have learnt for example that if I don’t keep on top of the laundry everyday then at the end of the week it will be too much and I will blow a casket trying to get everything done at once. Or that my time and energy is better focussed around people who support and want the best for me. Than it is to be around toxic people.

When you feel like you are about to explode from sheer stress try and see the lesson in it. Why are you stressed? Is it your own doing? If yes what can you do to avoid a similar situation in the future. If not, then is it something you can control? Is it really worth the metal energy. I am a real worrier. Sometimes I worry and panic about the most mundane stupidest things ever. I am aware of this and when it happens I try to address it and find ways to let go of the anguish.

It’s A Sign You Need A Breather

There are times when just about anything will annoy me. Something that wouldn’t have phased me yesterday is really grinding my gears today. Yes it could be I am hormonal (damn you PMS). But it is usually my body’s way of telling me that I need a breather. So instead of charging through the day totally pissed off and risk being pissed off again tomorrow. Take a moment. Use it as a friendly reminder that you need a little me time. Even if it is just a hot cup of tea while sitting on the sofa for 5 minutes. Or lighting a candle and taking a nice bath. Take that moment for yourself to reflect and gather your thoughts.

Don’t forget to ask for help. If the kids are clinging to your leg and you are about to say something you regret. Its time for hubby to step in so you can take that breather in peace.


Life throws us so many curve balls that it is normal to sometimes feel like it is getting the better of you. But learning to channel the negative emotions in to positive outcomes can really help improve your everyday life as well as your mental well being. So give your self some slack and know that no one is perfect. Even if they pretend to be. Embrace that bad day and it might just turn in to a good one!

Check out my post on Morning habits for a productive day for more inspiration!

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What it is ok to have a bad day






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Living The Smart Life With Hive


The idea of a Smart home has always been rather intriguing. I had images of living in a house that resembled The Jetsons where everything was robotic and you could switch everything on and off just by telling the house to do so. I had heard of Hive for the first time last winter when after spending a few weeks on the beach in Barbados. We arrived to a dark, freezing house that took 10 years to warm up. Complaining about it to a friend ( as you do) she said. ” Have you not heard of Hive? We control everything from our phone and put the heating on a few hours before we land”. What??? After having a look at their website i saw that they not only have smart heating devices but everything else from lightbulbs, door sensors, security cameras and even baby monitors.

So when I received an email from HIVE Home asking if I was interested in testing out some of their smart home products. I was thrilled!

I received a cute little gift box with a complimentary Active Light bulb, The Hive Hub, Hive Information Pack and some yummy treats!! Thank you Hive 🙂 You first need to register an account with your Hive Hub and then connect it to the Hive devices in your home. Once that is done, PRESTO you are set and can now make your home a smart home!


The Active Light Bulb

I was interested to see what an active lightbulb does. It is basically a regular light bulb that can be set and controlled remotely from your phone. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up. I just screwed it into my lamp and that was it. It was so easy to use that even my toddler was able to figure it out when he got hold of my phone. Once it was ready I played with it using the app. I could change the dimness, glow, colour as well as schedule times for the light to come on and off. It wasn’t until I researched it a little more that I realised I could literally command my lights on through an amazon echo ( If i had one). OH MY GOD, I can have a Jetson house!


  • Midnight trips downstairs do not have to end with you on your face. Just tap the app and the light is on before you have even reached the room. This is perfect for me as when my husband is offshore, I do get a little scared in the dark. Don’t judge me! So being able to put the lights on before entering the room really helped.
  • At first I wasn’t sure what the point of having different colours was. However since playing around with it, it is proven to be a favourite for my 2 year old son. We can now turn the room blue and pretend to be swimming or change the colours around and have our own in house disco. I think this lightbulb would be a great highlight for children and we may just move to Gabriel room when he gets older.
  • Installation is completely idiot proof. If I could install it then seriously anybody could.
  • If you have Google Play or Amazon echo than your lights (any everything else Hive) can be controlled through a simple voice command.


  • Now I want to buy lightbulbs & spotlights for every fitting in my house as well as an amazon echo so i can command the lights on just from speaking but my husband won’t let me!

The Active Heating Thermostat


After trying out the lightbulb and having the hub. I convinced my husband to change our thermostats to Hive. Our thermostats were long overdue an upgrade and I liked the reviews the Hive Active Heating Thermostat received. We bought 2 heating elements online (one for underfloor heating and one for radiators) and they arrived 2 days later. You have the option to install the thermostats yourself which is £100 cheaper. However we didn’t want to take any chance of mucking it up so we opted for the installation.

The Element made a huge difference to our heating. I could feel the house warm up straight away opposed to several hours, especially our underfloor heating. They have different settings depending on your preferences and energy requirements. As well as holiday mode to inform the device when you are away. The devices are aesthetically pleasing on our walls and I love that I can warm the house up before we arrive home with just a tap on my phone. Now I can relax in Dubai this November and be sure to arrive to a cosy home.


  • Turning the heating on and off and adjusting is so easy. I can also schedule heating times right from the app.
  • The Hive App tracks when you leave the house and when you are close to arriving home. This is great if you want to save on energy bills as it does not heat up unnecessarily.
  • Hive is a British Gas innovation and is installed by qualified British Gas engineers
  • The device ensures that the temperature never goes below 8°C thus protecting your pipes from frost.


  • It doesn’t seem to track our energy consumption throughout the devices which I think would be a good option.



I am really happy with our Hive Products and would definitely look at investing into more of the products in the future. Hive’s Customer Service is impeccable and I like that they are a British company compared to its rivals. If you are interested in converting your home into a smart home then check out their website for more information. Be quick as they are having a deal where if you buy a heating element you get a free Amazon Echo Dot. I am gutted as I didn’t get this option and I dying to command my lights on!!!!!



This post includes Gifted Samples

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