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Maternity Outfits Haul

By Posted on 13 4 m read

I have a love hate relationship with maternity wear. I get that it is essential for the pregnant woman to be able to wear something comfortable that accommodates her growing bump. What I don’t get is why all of a sudden you go from chic in trend fashion options to frumpy bin bag dresses and flowery prints. It is almost like the world is telling you. ‘You have crossed over into the land of motherhood, you can no longer wear anything that compliments your figure or makes you look attractive. You are officially out of service and now must adhere to the frumpy mum cliche”.  *Eye Roll* 🙄 Totally not happening. I refuse to age 20 years just because I am pregnant! So I set out to search the net for some fashionable complimentary maternity outfits options. That don’t cost your whole months statutory pay and are of course practical and comfortable.

The Oversized Jumper

Maternity Outfits

This is probably my favourite look both outside and inside the house. A good jumper can go a long way. It can be  super easy and comfy to wear while mooching around the house AND can be very stylish when paired with the right accessories..Hello fedora hat! I personally tended to buying normal jumpers and just sized up but the jumper in the below photo is my first and only maternity jumper which I got from ASOS. And which is my favourite of all my jumpers at the moment.

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Bring On The Leggings

Legging have become my new best friend since i started outgrowing my normal jeans. I love that they are stretchy, ultra comfy and can actually make your legs look really shaped and slim (even when they are not). I have a few different designs which are all in the colour black just because I prefer that. However if you love colour then go crazy! I bought a maternity pack from Boohoo that had a basic black legging as well as a leather look which I absolutely adore! I also have a snake skin pair that I bought from Primark a long time ago and is still going strong. Despite being stretched out to the max!


Over the Bump or Under the Bump?

Maternity Outfits

There will come a time when you will need to ask yourself this question. It really is personal choice. I do think over the bump can be more comfortable when you are nearing the end of your pregnancy. However being rather petite, I found they were often ridiculously high and I felt like I could pull it over my head if I tried! At the moment I have one over the bump trouser pant and one under the bump jean that is still rather comfortable despite me being 33 weeks. We will see how I feel at 38 weeks.

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Maternity Shirts or not?

Maternity Outfits

A good loose shirt is alway a winner whether you are pregnant or not. Lucking I had some nice oversized shirts in my closet from Zara that are so ‘oversized’ that they manage to fit me still even with my belly. I also bought a checkered maternity shirt from Boohoo for my housemaid days.

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Sized up Tee & Basics

Maternity Outfits

I would recommend buying a few basics t-shirts and tops. I bought a pack of 2 long sleeve tops from boohoo which were super cheap and have lasted me right through my pregnancy. You can pair basic tops with just about anything so for me these are an essential part of your maternity wardrobe. Boohoo and Asos both sell packs of Tee’s or long sleeve tops at reasonable prices in different colours. I have also started wearing my husbands t-shirts, (much to his dismay 😂) as I am so close to the end I do not want to spend money on clothes I may not wear again. So if you are stuff with maternity option try buying a size up or hit the mens section.

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Another way to get more bang for your buck is to scour eBay for some second hand maternity clothes. I am of the mindset that I don’t want to spend too much on items I know I will not wear again. Unless I have another baby which is very unlikely. I would rather keep some dosh to update my wardrobe properly after baby is born. That is why places like Boohoo, Asos and H&M are great to get your hands on some cheap items while still looking like yourself for the next 9 months. Hope this has been helpful!

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Hot Like A Mother : Aberdeen Mum & Dog Grooming Entrepreneur Jacqueline Allen

#HotLikeAMother is my blog series that looks to break the barriers and expectations of Motherhood. In this series I interview and get to know some of Aberdeen’s most kick ass mums. From inspiring boss babes, to stylish fashionistas, to just damn right inspirational mothers. All in the quest to encourage mums to go for their passions and be Hot Like A Mother…….

If you would like to be featured or know someone who should then please contact me at



Hot like a mother
Jacqueline rocking the grey Hot Like A Mother sweatshirt from my line – Click the image and get yours now at


Jacqueline to me is the definition of a real life supermum. If she is not busting her ass setting up her business. She is taking her two boys to their classes, or playing with them outside in her yard. Or walking the dog. When I first became a mum I would see her interacting and being the type of mum I wanted to be from my front window. (We are neighbours). So when she agreed to feature on my blog I was more than thrilled to sit down and have a natter with such a hard working woman.

You recently started your own Dog Grooming business from Home, How do you juggle the demands of motherhood while running a business?

I don’t know that I do, to be honest. It’s still early days, and I’m trying to find a routine. Trying to manage the hours so that I’m available for when the boys come home from school. However so far it’s been so busy and I’m finding it hard to turn down new clients. Luckily I have a supportive husband who is flexible at his own work, and two very independent kids.

What tips would you give to mums who may be struggling to find the right balance in their lives?

I’m in no position to be giving advice at the moment! There is no right and wrong really – the way life is just now, both parents have to work, and so we try and take each day at a time.


What made you start Soapy Tails?

Well I took some time off for the birth of the children, and then when the youngest was starting P1 I had it in my head that I would go back to work somehow. I have had dogs for a long time and knew about groomers. I was ultimately looking for something I could do on my own terms. So that I would be free to do school drop offs and pick ups and take time off for holidays without pressure. So I always thought of something I could do myself from home.

Initially I went on some external training courses, then through a series of random meetings and friends of friends, found out about an existing dog grooming business that were looking for a trainee. So I joined there and worked with them as a self employed groomer for several years, gaining valuable experience. However, it became more and more apparent that their goals and mine were not the same, and things came to a head in October 2018. 

During the school holidays I realised that the poor treatment I was receiving and the perception that I was always going to be the ‘junior’ of that business meant that if I wanted the control that I wanted. I would have to push on and do things myself! I had to get out of the nice comfortable rut I was in and take a risk!

So we started looking for all the equipment we would need. Luck was on our side! I saw someone selling a complete setup on Facebook. They had only posted 20 minutes before when I noted their advert, phoned them up and started driving down to collect it!

The equipment was immaculate and within a week of deciding we should do it we were up and running!

Confidently Kylie is all about confidence and self care, what is important for you to stay grounded and true to yourself?

Its easy to stay grounded when you are covered in dog hair! As a mother of two, I think no matter how smart or confident you think you are, your kids can snap you out of airs and graces with a simple joke or sentence. As they know all about you!

What is your go to easy mum outfit and why?

I’ve never been a girly girl, so trainers and a hood on my jacket are all I need.

What tips would you give to mums who may be struggling to find the right balance in their lives?

Never be too hard on yourself, truth be known most house holds are probably struggling with something or other. Speak to your friends and you soon find out that everyone is fighting with their kids about picking dirty clothes off the floor or forgetting to go to the shops for the kids tea. Every working mother has still got to clean the house, do never ending laundry, walk the dog and the other 100 other little stuff daily. Remember you are not the only one doing what you do.

You can check out Soapy Tails facebook page here if you are in need of a trusted dog groomer!

If you would like to feature  or you know someone who would be perfect for it. Then contact me at

Follow Confidently Kylie On Instagram and Facebook!


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Hot Like A Mother – The Shop Is Launched!

By Posted on 13 2 m read

I am sooo excited to finally be able to post about a project I have been working on for sometime. Being a lover of fashion and writing a blog dedicated to modern motherhood. It only seemed natural that my next step would be to create my own little (ok tiny) collection dedicated to hot mammas. Hot Like A Mother – The shop has now launched!

Hot Like A Mother sweatshirt in Grey modelled by the lovely Fiona Kerr @ascottishblonde

Consisting of the comfiest sweatshirts ever in Grey and Black (£29.99). And of course your classic white tee with our logo (£14.99). Hot Like A Mother has teamed up with UK Charity Woman’s Aid to not only give you great stylish products to look fashionable while doing the school / nursery run. But also an opportunity to contribute to a very important and worthy cause.

Women’s Aid is a national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. For every item you buy, 5% of all profits will be donated directly to Women’s Aid. Helping you to support a movement that is committed to ending domestic violence abuse. And ensuring violence against women is no longer tolerated.

29 weeks pregnant and rocking and white tee!

At ConfidentlyKylie we are all about self care and motivation and these values are reflected in our store ethics. From our biodegradable packaging, to our eco friendly tissue paper. Look Good While Doing Good and be Hot Like A Mother..

Stocks are limited so get your order in time for Mother’s Day. Whether it be a treat for yourself or a Mother’s Day gift for an amazing mum.


To celebrate the launch I am giving away a sweatshirt to two lucky readers, colour of their choice. All you have to do is follow @Hotlikeamother and @confidentlykylie on instagram, comment on one of our images and tag two new mums who would love Hot Like A Mother. Winners will be announced on Mother’s Day. Good Luck x



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How To Wear Leopard Print Without Looking Tacky

Most of you have probably seen that leopard print is all the rage right now. It is the hit trend of autumn and everyone seems to be wearing it. I remember when it started to resurface in the fashion world a few years ago.   Either you looked extremely high fashion, like someone out of a magazine. Or you looked tacky. However over the years the animal print phenomenon has grown on me and I have found myself being attracted to it more and more. My first purchase was a pair of leopard print ballerina pumps which eventually turned into a vast array of tops, dresses and skirts. So when I saw that the print was back this autumn I was delighted and thought I would share with you some tips on How To Wear Leopard Print Without Looking Tacky.

Not All Prints Are The Same

The secret to not looking tacky while adopting the leopard print trend is to choose your prints and colours wisely. The first print that comes to mind when I think Leopard print is the horrible yellow prints of the 80’s. Not a good look. But now fashion houses and material designers have expanded the animal print repertoire and there are now a lot of prints that are softer and more refined. Do your research. You will see what prints look best and what don’t. I personally prefer to go for greys or pastel type colours as opposed to bright ones.

The Blouse

You cannot go wrong with a printed blouse or jumper. A blouse or jumper is so easy to pop on and can go with a pair of jeans for a more casual look. Or with a pair of chic trousers or maxi skirt to look more sophisticated.

Top Picks

The Leopard Printed Dress

leopard print

I bought my very first leopard print dress from Mango about 9 years ago. I was working in a French Fashion House at the time and wanted to look the part at our Christmas Event. It was an above the knee grey leopard print dress that was cinched at the waist and loose on the top. I was so nervous as it was a bold choice for me at the time.  I will never forget the feeling of elation when one of the senior managers who was the fashion icon at the time came up to me and asked where the dress was from because she loved it.

The shape and style of the dress plays a huge role. A short tight body con dress in a bright coloured leopard print might look good on some. But definitely not on me. I like to choose dresses with more flow such as a maxi or tea dress.

Top Pick

The Maxi Skirt

I am obsessed with maxi skirts at the moment. They are so easy to wear yet super stylish and perfect for the summer autumn transition. Plus they suit any body type. The skirt below is not actually a skirt but a dress that I covered with a plain black jumper. The skirt I really wanted has been sold out for the last week.


And if all else fails, accessorising is the easiest way to stay in trend. Add a cute thin leopard print belt to your jeans. Or pop on a pair on leopard print pumps or booties to make a statement. Or of course the easiest option is to go for a leopard print scarf. Either way adding that little pop of colour and print will make your outfit stand out.

Whatever way you choose, wear whatever makes you comfortable and makes you feel good in your body. Nothing is more attractive than feeling good in your skin. So do what is best for you and you will shine.


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Style Like A Mother: The Paper Bag Trouser & Classy Sweatshirt Edit

Style Like A Mother

Autumn is approaching and I have been looking at ways to warm up my outfits without getting my full winter wardrobe out. Even though the weather has taken a turn. I am not ready to completely transition yet. I am wanting some autumnal colours and simple designs to keep me warm from a chill but without a big jacket or coat. So I went on the hunt for some new items and I found two that I am loving at the moment and that would be perfect for my new Modern Mum Fashion Segment : Style Like A Mother. Because Pleeeease, just because we are mums and are usually looking to simplify our lives. It doesn’t mean we need to migrate to FrumpvilleCheck out this months edit

The Paper Bag Trousers


No, this are not some crazy fashion trend inspired by the homeless ie. Zoolander Derelicte! These are what I like to call the “feels like pyjamas but totally are not” trousers. I have been eyeing these trousers for ages and wasn’t convinced it would suit me. I was sure that with my mum bod i would end up looking more like a potato than anything else.

But after reading a few blogs and seeing some amazing products. I thought I would take the leap. And guess what? I love them! They are so comfortable and yet effortlessly stylish. I bought these burgundy ones from H&M. I paired it with a cream polo neck, small matching burgundy cross over bag ( also H&M) and some heels. Though I think you could also wear them with plain white trainers.

Get The Look

The “Classy” Sweatshirt

It was really funny. I wore this sweatshirt a few times and all of my mum friends commented on it. What is it with oversized shirts that seem to attract us mums? I am an avid lover of sweatshirts and oversized jumpers. They are easy, comfortable and baggy enough to make me look slimmer than I am. I could literally live in my husbands Nike sweatshirt all day everyday. But I don’t think it appropriate for all occasions especially when I need to pop into town or pick Gabriel up from nursery. Though I must admit I have worn far worse on the Nursery pick up before.

I bought this mid sleeved sweatshirt from Missguided. It is affordable, easy to wear and has a soft furry cuff on the sleeve which is nice to touch.

I just bang it on with my black jeans from Massimo Dutti and my new ankle boots from Steve Madden. And a dark red lipstick!

Get The Look

And there it is. My fav items of the moment. What are your favourite fashion items of the moment.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook .

Style like a mother

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Style Like A Mother: Pale Pinks, White Jeans & A Denim Jacket

I have been all over the place lately, I just can’t seem to get anything done. Recently I found out that I had less than a month to hand in my draft copy of a 12 page assignment. When I had stupidly believed that I had more time since the deadline is actually in July! So it has been a mad panic. Usually I have a strict schedule to be able to keep up with studying, blogging, housework, motherhood and social events ( wow that was a mouthful). However as soon as something goes off schedule it is chaos and one area of my life starts to lack attention. Not to mention my outfits of the day! Check out this weeks Style Like A Mother.

So every moment I have had I have been trying to get ahead on my assignment. Which has been tough since it has finally started to feel like summer is approaching. Staying indoors and trying to write a 12 page essay when all you want to do is bask in the sunshine while sipping and Pimms and lemonade is a kill joy. However with my schedule being manic, not to mention Gabriel breaking his collarbone ( more on that later). I still managed to enjoy a bit of sunshine and whip out some summery colours to brighten my mood.


Pale Pinks and White


I am so obsessed with pales pinks and white at the moment that I need to be careful not to blow our clothing budget and transform my wardrobe into something a sugar plum fairy would have. But the pastel themes have got me very inspired and i am craving hot weather, beaches and a new summer wardrobe. However since we live in Aberdeen and hot weather equals 10°C. I have been content with a casual look of white jeans and pastel tees and my oversized denim jacket. All courtesy of New Look.


outfit of the day

outfit of the day

Hopefully the weather will continue to improve and I can get back on schedule so that I can start updating my closet and get out some summer dresses.

Wishing you all a good week. Wish me luck for my assignment. I am going to need it.


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