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The Every Girl Turned Modern Mum

Just your average girl who loves my creature comforts, stylish outfits, pretty things and lots of cups of tea. Now, a mum to two juggling work, playtime and running a household while staying true to myself.

Fashion Mum

My Love For Fashion Is Why I became a Blogger

Formerly a Fashion Buyer living in Paris, my love for clothes and being the best version of myself is what inspired me to create a blog. I want to inspire others to love who they are and live the life they dream of

Outfit Inspo

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Motherhood: The Hardest Job of All

When I first became a Mum back in 2016, I was surprised to see how fulfilling yet self-sacrificing this new job would be. Though I strive to be the best mum I can be, I also strive to not let go of myself and show my kids that looking after yourself is just as important as looking after others!


Why Follow My Blog?

Honestly, I don't really know. If you have found this blog then chances are you are a mother who loves fashion, who is looking for some inspiration on life and a friendly nod that makes you feel you are not alone.
If that is you, then we have a lot in common! Though I confess that I am not the most glamourous, knowledgable or Instagram worthy of bloggers. I am REAL. I am a working mum of two who aspires to live my best life, to share my tips and humble anecdotes with the world so that we can all live in solidarity instead of bringing each other down! Other than that if you like what you see then I am honoured to have you as a reader and follower.

Sponsored Content

Though it is extremely rare that I have a sponsored post or gifted product on my blog or social media accounts. I just wanted to to be completely transparent on how it works and what to expect.
On the odd occasion, I will receive emails from companies asking if I would be happy to write a post on my blog or take pictures of their product to put on my social media platforms. Often in exchange for a free product or a small fee. 9 times out of 10 I refuse, mainly because the company or content is not relevant to what my blog is about and because I generally do not love or interest the product. I am not interested in becoming an advertising platform. I write my blog from a passion for fashion and a genuine interest in connecting and boosting peoples morale.
However a few times, a company has contacted me who I have genuinely loved and who I have felt suited me personally. In these instances, where I have accepted their proposal I have made sure to put this clearly in my post so that all of my readers and followers know that I was compensated. I want to be completely honest with my readers and assure you that I only accept such offers if I genuinely love their brand or product and as such, would pay for it myself. On another note, you may see little floating images of products that I love from different retailers. I am part of the platform rewardStyle which is an affiliate program for bloggers called Liketoknowit. I use this mainly because I find it aesthetically pleasing way to showcase my favourite items. These are affiliate links which if clicked on by you and bought within a certain timeframe, I will receive a small contribution from rewardStyle to thank me for referring and promoting the item. This is at no cost to you, but if you do not wish for this to happen, once you have the information you need all you have to do is delete your cookies and search for the product manually so rewardStyle cannot track it from me. i hope you enjoy my content and trust that everything I say and post about is 100% genuine. I have listed all of the companies I have worked with to date so you can see for yourself . Thanks and happy reading!

Who I Have Worked With