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30 Weeks Pregnant & My Fears of Life With Two

Eek I cannot believe I am 30 weeks pregnant already. This time around seems to have flown by and before we know it we will be a family of four! I have not really been updating a lot about my pregnancy mostly because there hasn’t been much to report. Unlike my previous pregnancy with Gabriel, I feel completely normal and must confess that if it wasn’t for my massive bump. I would forget I was even pregnant. With that said now that we are a handful of weeks away until he or she will arrive. The  excitement and fear of the unknown is rearing its head and I can’t help but ask myself. How am I going to manage? 30 Weeks Pregnant & My Fears of Life With Two

The Guilt

As the time gets closer, I have started to feel a sense of guilt when I look at my little boy. I am not as energetic or as patient as I would like to be. And to be frank I just don’t want to be on the floor all day playing trains. So lately Gabriel has had to learn to play more independently and give me some peace. Which though i feel is a necessary step, makes me feel rather guilty. He is at an age where he wants my undivided attention. He wants to play non stop and vocalises his desires throughout the day. No matter how annoying it is. So I ask myself how am I going to split my time with two? How am I going to make sure that he does not feel neglected or replaced? While still tending to the needs of our newborn?

The Threenager and The Newborn

Gabriel has just recently turned 3 and WOW what an age this is. He is amazing in the sense that he can communicate very well and generally makes us laugh from the cute and cheeky little things he says. The downside? Is that he now argues back? Say what?

Everything now is a battle of wits and he is now asserting his own personality and independence. It is great that he is growing and learning how to be himself. It is not so great that he refuses to do even the most simple things. I fear how I will handle this while my husband is offshore AND I am feeding a newborn! As I am already at my wits end with his new found adolescent attitude. With lack of sleep and breastfeeding I just hope I do not snap.

No More Freedom?

Does this mean the end of our freedom and babysitting options? Babysitting one child is one thing, but looking after two is another? With all of my family in Australia and half of Lee’s in Harlow and Glasgow. I fear that our days as just a couple are over and that we may struggle to have those ever needed date nights. Or god forbid…a weekend away? So how do we make sure our marriage doesn’t take the hit? How do we still make sure to tend to each others needs?

Keeping Kylie

So the questions about managing time between my two children as well as my husband were on the top of my anxiety list. But then I though what about time for myself? Will I have the time to work out and get back into shape after baby number two? Will I still be able to juggle studying full time while keeping house and looking after the kids? How do I make sure that I do not lose myself and sabotage my mental health in the process?

All of these questions have been entering my mind. And though I know everything will be ok (after all people do it all the time all over the world). I cannot help but wonder. I guess time will tell and all I can do is try to prepare myself and my little family as much as possible. I am going to have to as organised as ever to make sure nothing/ no-one is neglected.  It is such a strange thing to feel completely excited about something and yet terrified at the same time. Bring on May! We have a hell of a year ahead of us!

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  • Renee Theresa


    I’ve been there! This brings me back to being pregnant with my second child and how scared I was. It was a little difficult in the beginning but now I wouldn’t have it any other way! They are best buddies

    March 22, 2019
  • Expanding your family is always bittersweet. You will adjust to your new normal of two just like you adjusted to your new normal of one. And there is always mom guilt, no matter what. If you didn’t have a second child, you might have felt guilty later on for not giving your first a sibling. You guys will do great!


    March 22, 2019
  • Luci Cook


    I don’t have any kids but I’ve helped me sister out when she was pregnant. She had a rough pregnancy for both of them. Really cute shirt.

    March 22, 2019
  • I only have one child, but I wish I had two! If you think about it, once the youngest learns how to play with the oldest, you’ll have so much “self-time” that you’ll stop feeling guilty! You’re going to do great! 🙂

    March 22, 2019
  • Ashley Lavoie


    Oh I’ve been here mama! It’ll be ok, take everything one hour at a time (yes, hour LOL) and just try to let yourself relax a little. It will be a little chaotic but you’ll learn to live with 2 kids in no time. Good luck and congratulations!

    March 23, 2019
  • You will definitely have your hands full for sure! You will rock as a mother of 2!

    March 23, 2019
  • Elizabeth Nunes


    Been there! Threenager and newborn phase is not as bad as one may think! They are old enough to grab a diaper from another room or pass the bum cream..Huge help!

    March 23, 2019
  • I only have one kiddo right now, but I have friends who have multiple kids, and they all expressed the same feelings before having their second. Looking at them now, they seem to handling it all well are definitely my heroes! Blessings and I hope you have a safe delivery! You’re glowing, by the way!

    March 23, 2019
  • Sonja- Too Much Character


    All of those questions are so valid. To be frank, the initial adjustment to life with two kiddos will suck. Find things to laugh at during that time. Each day gets better as you all adjust to your new normal.

    March 24, 2019

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