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Hot Like A Mother : Aberdeen Mum & Dog Grooming Entrepreneur Jacqueline Allen

#HotLikeAMother is my blog series that looks to break the barriers and expectations of Motherhood. In this series I interview and get to know some of Aberdeen’s most kick ass mums. From inspiring boss babes, to stylish fashionistas, to just damn right inspirational mothers. All in the quest to encourage mums to go for their passions and be Hot Like A Mother…….

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Hot like a mother

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Jacqueline to me is the definition of a real life supermum. If she is not busting her ass setting up her business. She is taking her two boys to their classes, or playing with them outside in her yard. Or walking the dog. When I first became a mum I would see her interacting and being the type of mum I wanted to be from my front window. (We are neighbours). So when she agreed to feature on my blog I was more than thrilled to sit down and have a natter with such a hard working woman.

You recently started your own Dog Grooming business from Home, How do you juggle the demands of motherhood while running a business?

I don’t know that I do, to be honest. It’s still early days, and I’m trying to find a routine. Trying to manage the hours so that I’m available for when the boys come home from school. However so far it’s been so busy and I’m finding it hard to turn down new clients. Luckily I have a supportive husband who is flexible at his own work, and two very independent kids.

What tips would you give to mums who may be struggling to find the right balance in their lives?

I’m in no position to be giving advice at the moment! There is no right and wrong really – the way life is just now, both parents have to work, and so we try and take each day at a time.


What made you start Soapy Tails?

Well I took some time off for the birth of the children, and then when the youngest was starting P1 I had it in my head that I would go back to work somehow. I have had dogs for a long time and knew about groomers. I was ultimately looking for something I could do on my own terms. So that I would be free to do school drop offs and pick ups and take time off for holidays without pressure. So I always thought of something I could do myself from home.

Initially I went on some external training courses, then through a series of random meetings and friends of friends, found out about an existing dog grooming business that were looking for a trainee. So I joined there and worked with them as a self employed groomer for several years, gaining valuable experience. However, it became more and more apparent that their goals and mine were not the same, and things came to a head in October 2018. 

During the school holidays I realised that the poor treatment I was receiving and the perception that I was always going to be the ‘junior’ of that business meant that if I wanted the control that I wanted. I would have to push on and do things myself! I had to get out of the nice comfortable rut I was in and take a risk!

So we started looking for all the equipment we would need. Luck was on our side! I saw someone selling a complete setup on Facebook. They had only posted 20 minutes before when I noted their advert, phoned them up and started driving down to collect it!

The equipment was immaculate and within a week of deciding we should do it we were up and running!

Confidently Kylie is all about confidence and self care, what is important for you to stay grounded and true to yourself?

Its easy to stay grounded when you are covered in dog hair! As a mother of two, I think no matter how smart or confident you think you are, your kids can snap you out of airs and graces with a simple joke or sentence. As they know all about you!

What is your go to easy mum outfit and why?

I’ve never been a girly girl, so trainers and a hood on my jacket are all I need.

What tips would you give to mums who may be struggling to find the right balance in their lives?

Never be too hard on yourself, truth be known most house holds are probably struggling with something or other. Speak to your friends and you soon find out that everyone is fighting with their kids about picking dirty clothes off the floor or forgetting to go to the shops for the kids tea. Every working mother has still got to clean the house, do never ending laundry, walk the dog and the other 100 other little stuff daily. Remember you are not the only one doing what you do.

You can check out Soapy Tails facebook page here if you are in need of a trusted dog groomer!

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