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Must Have Anti-Ageing Serums That Won’t Break The Bank

With winter now approaching one of my real concerns with the change in air is the condition of my skin. I have always suffered from skin problems. When I was a teenager I had severe acne and now I suffer from dry patches and eczema. But another problem has arisen that I never had to think about before – fine lines and uneven skin tone . I started noticing little lines on my face after I had my son. I blamed it on the hormones and lack of sleep. However reaching 30 definitely didn’t help. To make matters worse I started getting dark patches on my face around my mouth. I needed a solution and fast! So I set out to find a way to even out my skin tone and battle those lines  without having to spend a fortune. Here are my must have Anti-Ageing Serums That Actually Work & Won’t Break The Bank

Anti ageing serum

Boost Collagen With Vitamin C

Vitamin C Serums have been all the craze the last few years. Used by many a celebrity, including Victoria Secret Models. It is only normal that everyone wants has jumped on the bandwagon. But what are the real benefits of a Vitamin C Serum and do they actually work?

It is said that Vitamin C can help boost the production of collagen in the skin. Which is responsible for keeping your skin plump and youthful. However once you hit your late 20’s the collagen you produce starts to diminish. Leading to wrinkles and saggy skin in older age. So what do you do? You use a good Vitamin C Serum!

I scoured the internet looking at all the different serums available. There are a million and one, and to make it worse they all vary in prices. So after researching thoroughly I decided to try The Ordinary’s Vitamin C Supsension + Ha Spheres Face Serum.

The Verdict

I was pleasantly surprised. The texture of the serum is quite gritty and can feel quite rough on the skin. However I persisted and applied the serum underneath my moisturising cream every morning for a few weeks. At first it tingled as I applied it to my skin however this slowly stopped after time. In a few days I started to see a difference. My complexion appeared brighter and more glowy. The reviews I had read previously were all very positive and the plus side is that this serum is only £5!


Reduce Fine Lines With Retinol

I had read about the wonders of a retinol cream against the signs of aging years ago but never felt the need to actually use one..until now. Having suffered from severe acne as a teen, I had been prescribed the controversial Roaccutane drug at the age of 18. A strong acne treatment made from Vitamin A. It worked wonders and cleared my skin in just a few short months for good. So when i found out that retinol cream was also a derivative of Vitamin A my interest peaked.

Known to be one of the best treatments against ageing. Retinol creams work by stimulating cell turnover. Meaning it helps you to regenerate newer, younger looking skin. It is said to combat hyperpigmentation issues, large pores, wrinkles as well as brighten up your complexion. The Ordinary offer a range of different retinol serums at different percentages. Not knowing which one to try and having never tried one before. I opted for one with a lower strength.

The Verdict

It is said that you should avoid contact with the sun while using a retinol or you must wear a sunscreen. So I applied the retinol cream under my moisturiser at night to avoid any accidents. The liquid is smooth and lotion like and sunk into my skin nicely. I woke up with nice smooth skin. After a few weeks I feel like the small lines on my forehead are less visible. But whether that is because I am better rested or from other lifestyle factors I don’t know.


Given the reviews and scientific evidence backing up both Vitamin C Serums and Retinol Creams. I think I will continue to use them. At the moment I am using the Vitamin C Serum in the morning and the Retinol at night. I am seeing an improvement in my overall complexion though I may increase the dosage on the retinol to see if that makes any bigger changes. Whats even better is that both of these serums are under £10 from The Ordinary (some with a higher retinol percentage are slighter over).

The Ordinary is fast becoming a very popular brand because of its dedication to biochemistry, its no nonsense packaging and its affordable pricing. They have a huge range of products fit for all skin types. However beware the scientific jargon! Their products can be confusing so make sure you do your research elsewhere.


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  • We hate this time of year too as it lays havoc with our skin! Anything that helps boost the production of collagen in the skin is good with us!

    September 10, 2018
  • Christie Moeller


    OOH I haven’t tried this one and I love serums! especially Vitamin C Ones. They make my skin so bright and fresh! With this price point I Gotta try this one out!

    September 10, 2018
  • i’ve been using vitamin C for a while and love it! I just got into using retinol and what i’ve found suggests only using at night and avoid the sun at all costs. so i only use it a few times a week at night to be super safe but i have combo skin anyway. and some sunscreens even have it as an ingredient which is amazing since it’s so bad in the sun!

    September 10, 2018
  • I have never used an anti ageing serum before. I did hear that Vitamin C can do miracles for the skin so no wonder that it is used in anti ageing creams and serums.

    September 10, 2018
  • Amazing products! Must try these soon before time does its permanent damage.

    September 11, 2018
  • I love this time of year! I do agree it does a number on your skin!

    September 11, 2018
  • I could definitely do with a few of these! I am starting to get fine lines around my eyes and also have wrinkles on my forehead 🙁 x

    September 12, 2018
  • wow awesome blog post. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    October 11, 2018

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