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Your Child Gets Hurt Under Your Supervision

My Toddler Burnt His Hand On My Hair Straightener, And The Guilt Is Killing Me

I would like to think I am a very switched on mother. My son always comes first with everything, and I always make sure he is safe from harm. I walk into a situation and assess the surroundings to make sure there is nothing he can get his hands on. But despite my constant vigilance, my son still got hurt. My Toddler Burnt His Hand On My Hair Straightener, and the guilt is killing me.

Now that Gabriel is a toddler I feel like he is changing and growing every single day. Every day he seems to have learnt something new. Whether it is suddenly speaking new words, or showing off his sporty side by playing golf and kicking a ball around. Yes he plays golf. However fascinating it is to see them quickly learning, it can also be a challenge. They suddenly are able to do things you didn’t realise they could do.

It was all my fault

Toddler Burnt His Hand On My Hair Straightener

It was another Tuesday as normal and Gabriel and I were getting ready for playgroup. Usual routine. Get Gabriel dressed first, then quick shower while he plays in my room watching me get ready. We have done it a thousand times. And we will probably do it thousand times more. However this time ended up with me rushing to A & E in a panic as my son screamed in pain.

As I was getting ready I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. I am sick of looking like a frumpy mum so I decided to style my hair. Gabriel was across the other side of the room playing with a book when I took my hair straightener out. I quickly straightened a few stray strands and then unplugged the straightener and put it in the middle of my bed to cool down, out of reach and view of Gabriel, or so I thought.

He didn’t let go!

Talking and singing to Gabriel while I quickly put on some makeup. I heard him scream. Strangely it was not the pain stricken scream I would have thought. It was a scream he does almost every single day, and at first reaction I thought he had just fallen over or gotten frustrated with his book. Peering out to see what the fuss was about I saw him with his hand on my hair straightener. Fingers right on the hot plates. SHIT!

He had burnt his fingers on the hot plate, and to make it worse he didn’t have the reaction to let the plates go. He held onto them while screaming, making the burn worse. Panic took over me as I tried desperately to keep his hand under cold water while he wriggled and kicked around. My Poor baby who was so happy just a few moments ago was now shaking his hand and crying in pain.

I hated myself for letting it happen

Heading to A & E, panic turned quickly to guilt and I hated myself so much for letting this happen. Were all the nurses going to look at me and deem me as an unfit mother and call child services? How could I have let this happen? How the hell did he get hold of it?

Luckily the plates had already significantly cooled down and he got away with just a bandage on his hand for a week. When we got home I couldn’t shake the guilt and the wonder of how he reached it. Sitting at home after the ordeal I looked up to see Gabriel playing with my phone. How did he get my phone? It was on the counter top! Realisation kicked in. He can reach the countertop, hence he can reach onto my bed. He had grown faster and taller than I had realised.

Moral of the story. No matter how vigilant you are or how good a mum you are. Your child can still get hurt. Don’t underestimate your kids. They are more resourceful than you can imagine. This mama has learnt her lesson the hard way.



Your child gets hurt under your supervision

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  • dalalyagoubi


    Great article! People are sometimes so harsh with parents to add on <3

    June 20, 2017
  • Lisa


    awww! Gosh that is the worse feeling! Thoughtful reflection!

    June 20, 2017
  • Aww, for both of you! Him for getting hurt and you for the guilt you felt. I have 3 almost grown kids and I feel ur pain. I remember shutting the door on my little girls finger once on accident when we had gone shopping. I had moved her out of the way to close the door and she jotted her arm back in because she wanted to grab one more thing and bam. I wanted to die because I inflicted pain myself. There was no serious harm done but still. Maybe you can bubble wrap him 🤔😉

    June 20, 2017
  • Aw, I can’t imagine. Your guilt and worrying about guilt from others – no fun. People can be so harsh on parents even the good ones. =[

    June 21, 2017
  • Love this post, it shows you are a awesome mom! Don’t be so hard on yourself, this happens plenty of times. It’s the facts of life and learning experiences for kids along the way. 💋

    June 21, 2017

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