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Bag Essentials

In My Bag : Bag Essentials To Be Effortlessly Flawless At All Times

I have never been one of those “flawless” girls. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that seem to always have every strand of hair in place, perfect skin and makeup at any time of the day, despite the hurricane that just went passed. The type of girl that was always prepared for anything, no matter what the situation.

I used to work with a lot of them. Working on the Fashion scene for 8 years could seriously do damage to ones self esteem. After work drinks and spontaneous nights out didn’t matter, because they always looked their best. While I sat in the corner feeling like feeling like a complete mess.

How do they do it? What was their secret? How did they manage to always look so fresh, even after a long hard day at work? No it is not genetics ( or though I think that can play a part). After finally speaking to them and begging to know their secret. It shocked me to find out that it was really quite simple.  Organisation!

These girls were organised. When my latest girl crush showed me the contents of her bag, it started to make sense. Her bag was were the magic was. On top of the usual wallet and phone, she had neatly packed mini toiletries, bobby pins and hair ties, notepad and pen, tissues, and had her very own make up case just for her bag.

Spontaneous night out? She had all the make up and toiletries she needed to be fresh and flawless at all times.

So I took a leaf out of her book and have never gone back since. Check out whats in my bag!

Bag Essentials

Bag Essentials

  1. Make Up Pouch : I love my Marc By Marc Jacobs Make up pouch. It is small enough it fit into almost any bag but big enough to carry all of my essentials. See below
  2. Passports : Yes I carry both passports with me all the time. I don’t know why, I think it is a habit from living in France and my passport being my only form of  ID. At least I am ready to travel at any moment.
  3. Face Wipes : You always need cleansing wipes. If it is to cleanse off smudged make up after a day at work or to quickly clean up any stains or spills.
  4. My Wallet
  5. Notepad and pen : You never know when you might need a pen and paper.
  6. My phone and earphones : For obvious reasons
  7. Gloves : This changes depending the season. If it is sumer then these are usually replaced with my sunglasses. However I live in Scotland so I tend to use my gloves a lot more.
  8. My Specs

So what do I keep in my make up pouch? Everything I need to make sure I can look and feel fresh at any moment.

My Bag Make Up Pouch.

Bag Essentials


Mini Batiste Dry Shampoo : This dry shampoo is a live safer for greasy hair, especially if you have been sweating Get it here! 

Benefit Mini Brightening Primer: Great for adding a quick glow to your complexion Get it here!

Benefit Mini Mascara : Everyone needs mascara, and this mini one is great to keep in my bag Get it here!

Benefit Mini SPF 15 Facial Moisturer: A quick moisturiser for when my skin feels tight Get it here!

Benefit Mini Glow Highlighter: If you are going out after work and don’t have time to go home, this is great to add a bit of definition to your cheeks and collarbone for a dewy look Get it here!

Invisibobble : In the photo I have some normal loose elastic bands, but one of my favs is the Invisibobble. It doesn’t leave any kinks and doesn’t pull out my hair  Get it here 

Kora Hand Cream : I love Kora, it is my go to skincare brand, so naturally I use their hand cream Get it here!

Kora Organics Lip Balm Get it here!

Bare Minerals Cream Blush : I use this to pink up my cheeks and to add colour to my lips Get it here!

So there you have it, everything that I keep in my bag!


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  • Wow, you’re so organized! I wish I were that put-together!

    June 7, 2017
  • I don’t wear makeup and I’ve got barely hair. My essentials differ completely to yours! But it was interesting to see what a ‘normal’ woman carries around 🙂

    June 7, 2017
  • Great tips! I love Benefit!

    June 7, 2017
  • hmmm… i don’t even have a purse but now I kind of want one to be this prepared.

    June 8, 2017
  • joscelyn


    Great list! My wallet, phone, concealer, lipgloss, hand sani, lotion, and gum are my must haves. I need to get me some of those facial wipes for my purse too!

    June 9, 2017
  • You’re so prepared!! One of the things on your list that I try to keep with me is a pen and paper. Although my phone is always with me, sometimes it’s just easier and more convenient to write something down.

    June 9, 2017
  • Wow, I only have my wallet, keys, and chapstick in my bag. I keep telling myself to carry wipes with me and I’ll have to do that now. Thanks for sharing!

    June 9, 2017

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