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Weekend in London

LONDON TOWN : The Ultimate Hen Weekend in London

I love a girly weekend. Nothing gets me more excited then the prospect of having a whole weekend with my closest girls and having some crazy fun. So you can imagine how excited I was for my Hen Party in London!  The only catch was that I was kept completely in the dark. I had no idea where we were staying or what we were doing. So I had to just let loose and trust that my maid of honour knew what she was doing. And she definitely did!

Prosecco and Make Up

Flight was at 9:30am  and I can hear my maid of honour talking about how she has planned for me to have a prosecco breakfast. Awesome I thought. I have never heard of places serving a fry up with a glass of prosecco before plus I am super hungry. Score! Then I realise that a prosecco breakfast actually means just drinking prosecco for your breakfast. OUCH! These Scottish women, do they not know I am a light weight???

Arrive at our hotel and I am already buzzing from that prosecco. I am borderline hyperactive. SO what are we going to do? I am so excited. But when a random goth woman walks into my room with a carry on bag, I am thinking what the???? But relax, Its Kelly! Our fabulous and very talented make up and hair stylist for the night. Kelly has been assigned to turn us into 1920’s style bombshells before our big night at #ProudCamden Burlesque Show.

Weekend in London

Weekend in London
Kelly fits in amazingly with us girls and we have a great time getting pampered in my hotel room while drinking more prosecco and snacking on crisps and chocolate. My head is definitely going to hurt in the morning. The outcome is amazing. We all look absolutely stunning. We get ready and strut ourselves out the door direction Camden. If you want to get pampered by Kelly, then check out www.lipstickandcurls.net

Powder Puffs and Nipple Tassles

Arrive at #ProudCamden, and we are escorted to our seats. The setting is very 1920’s Burlesque with red velvet on the walls. As soon as we sit down we are on the booze again and I pick myself a Bloody Mary in the attempt to make me feel a little bit healthier with the tomato juice. Didn’t work. I was in the toilets sick before the show even started! Luckily I had a second wind and was feeling better once the food arrived.

Weekend in London

The show starts and up on the stage appears a blonde woman with the most amazing pair of tits I have ever seen. Not fair! I feel a pang of envy. How are they so perky and round? I bet she hasn’t breastfed a kid I think to myself as I look down at mine. They now resemble used up old teabags. As I am thinking this I can hear my future mother in law yelling ” Is this a lesbian hen party, why are there naked women” and we all cannot help but crack up laughing. The show was very entertaining and Miss Flexi was by far the best. She not only had the best bum in London she was able to swallow fire and contort her body in ways that seemed impossible. A great show and I even got my own pair of nipple tassles!

After some dancing and singing to “Time Warp”, we made our way back to the hotel to get some shut eye but not before sneaking in a cheeky burger king! I feel 19 again.

Cocktails in Soho

Are you freaking kidding me? First time I have the opportunity to sleep in until at least 8am (Yes for me that is sleeping in) and PING. I am awake at 6:30am on the dot. So I get up and go down stairs for breakfast but I am told not to eat too much as we are going out for brunch. NICE!

Weekend in London

I put on all of my hen gear and we head off direction Soho to an american style restaurant and cocktail bar called Dirty Bones. It is situated in this gorgeous little hidden away square full of cafes and restaurants. There we dig into a great deal where for one main meal ordered you get 4 cocktails included, and to top it off our waiter was Scottish. By the end of it we were all steaming and I am again extremely hyperactive and overly excited. Check out Dirty Bones here

Weekend in London

Singing and hairbrushes

This is what I have been waiting for. We arrive at the Jewel Bar in Piccadilly and are introduced to our camera man and dance choreographer. Yes You got it. We are filming a Music Video! So out come our hairbrushes and pyjamas and we are ready to shake our stuff to Hair by Little Mix. We even have a very own Sean Paul!

It was so much fun being silly and I think the 4 cocktails definitely helped. I would not have been able to have been so carefree if I had not had the alcohol to boost me. We all had a great time and I think that a lot of people who were unsure of this activity ended up loving it.

Check out our video – Next pop sensation Kylies Hen Do!

After our filming was up we got changed, had a few more cocktails thanks to our own little barmaid and then set off to complete some dares before heading out to the Comedy Store for the night. To do your own video check out www.magicsteps.co.uk

Laughs and Limbo

After such a hectic day we thought we would have an easy night at the comedy store. Or so we thought.  We got to see Gary Delaney, Fred Macaulay and others perform stand up which was a great laugh. It was also happy hours, so on the booze again.  The funniest moment is when my future sister in law trying desperately to get the attention on me, backfired and ended in her being in the spotlight and being unable to say anything else but “Kylie’s Hen”. 

After that we headed to Covert Garden to continue to complete some dares and partied the rest of the night at Dirty Martini. Gin and Tonics and 2 bottles of prosecco later we were playing limbo in the middle of the club and had a dance off with a group of guys we had befriended in the club.  So much for it being a quieter night! We were at our hotel at 3:30am and some of us were completely smashed. You know who you are!

Easy Sunday

Last day of the hen and I woke up at 7am again but this time with a banging headache. I was grateful to find out that today was a relax day and we were going to the Thai Spa for some pamper time.

After an amazing massage and laughs in the hot tub, we finished my hen at the covert garden hotel for a Champagne High Tea. I went for the Gentlemans high tea because I needed the fat to soak up all the alcohol I have consumed. Plus it looked delicious.

Weekend in London

Weekend in London

Thats is. My hen was over in a flash and I wish i could do it all over again. I want to thank everyone that took part in my lasts days as a single woman. I had the time of my life and was so sad it was over. It meant so much to have you all there and this weekend will forever be one of my best memories.

A special thanks to my beautiful maid of honour Jasmine, who without her this wouldn’t have happened. You did a great job and I am so grateful.

So with the Hen over, Next stop  is The Wedding!

Weekend in London


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  • Wow it looks like you had an amazing time! Everything looks likes fun and delicious!

    May 22, 2017
  • emilynncaulfield


    Love how energetic this post is! I love the vid, looks like everyone had a great time! Thanks for sharing!

    May 22, 2017
  • OMG! I never even had a hen night! Talk about the eighties in Jamaica. I’m happy for you and wish you all the best in this phase of your life. Awesome video too!

    May 22, 2017

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