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Healthy 30 minute Gluten, Dairy & Sugar Free Recipes

Take Control of Your Health with these Healthy 30 minute Gluten Free Recipes with Mindful Chef

Being a wifey to an offshore worker while raising a child has its challenges. Especially when all three of you are big eaters and are used to having proper meals for lunch and dinner. I blame our years in France for that. The French know their food and lunch is enjoyed just as much as dinner is. No quick sandwiches and crisps. It is proper hot and delicious meals which made my lunch break at work oh so enjoyable.

Fast forward to today and that food culture has stuck except one big difference : I am the sole chef of the house hold. I love cooking. I am a self proclaimed foodie. If I was to be honest I would say that eating is probably my biggest hobby. I am always on the lookout for easy 30 minute Gluten Free Recipes. However times have changed. I no longer have the time to sieve through all my recipe books and favourite food blogs and create a new menu each week.

The foodie inside me was slowly dying

I have found that as my free time has decreased. I am buying the same things every week and cooking the same recipes over and over again. Gluten Free Pasta, Curries, Vege Chilli. Yes they are all great meals but the foodie inside me was slowly dying. Not to mention my poor partner and baby were getting bored of eating the same thing. Gluten Free Recipes

That was when I heard of food box deliveries. Food Boxes are when you are sent a range of meals and recipes of your choice with all the ingredients delivered to your door in one box. Looking at the vast array of delicious looking recipes and the promise to not only save time, but to also cut down on food waste. I was intrigued.

I loved the idea of being able to try different recipes with everything I needed delivered straight to my door but there was a problem. Although we love our food, we are very pro-health in our household. We limit our gluten and dairy consumption and try to incorporate as many fruit and vegetables into our daily meals as we can. A lifestyle that we believe is the pinnacle of health and longevity. So what to do? Do these boxes use Gluten Free Recipes?

Healthy 30 minute Gluten Free Recipes with Mindful Chef

That was when I found Mindful Chef. Mindful Chef is a food box company that specialises in delivering quality UK farm sourced ingredients and healthy meal options straight to your door. All of their meals are 100% gluten and dairy free and their focus is to encourage people to eat a balanced and healthy diet by reducing your sugar and refined carb intake. They also have a Vegan menu!

Gluten Free Recipes

What attracted me was not only the fact that their health values were the same as ours, but that all of their recipes contain no more than 10 ingredients. On top of that they take only 30 minutes to prepare. That had me hooked so I ordered my first box. You can choose between up to 5 recipes per week, but I chose 4.

When I received the box at my door the next day, I was like a child at Christmas. It was awesome to open up this box and find all these fresh ingredients perfectly packed and measured for our dinner.

It was so neatly done and the meat was very well packed with an ice pack to keep it cool and fresh. Each recipe had a brown bag with all the ingredients in it along with the recipe cards. The recipes I had chosen were Beef Koftas with Harissa Quinoa, Balsamic Chicken with Rosemary Cauliflower Mash and Wild Garlic Pesto Chicken and Carrot Mash & Sweet and Sour Pork with Black Rice

The Verdict: Pros & Cons

The recipes were absolutely delicious. I was a little bit worried about what my partner would think because as a typical Brit, he loves his hearty food. However he loved every recipe. Each meal was packed full of flavour and was a good portion size. On top of that they were packed full of superfoods and great for my diet! Gluten Free Recipes

We had actually chosen 4 meals in our pack but one of the recipes was so good that we ate it up and forgot to take a photo. Oops sorry.

The Pros: Mindful Chef promise to deliver 24 hours after you place your order which they did. The food was very easy and quick to prepare and the taste was lovely. The ingredients are all fresh and from UK farms and the recipes are very healthy and diet friendly.

The Cons: The con is that when you register you are automatically put down for a delivery every week. You have the option to skip deliveries each week if you wish but need to do this before the Thursday of every week. The best option is to create an account and order your box, then after Thursday freeze your account and reactivate only when you wish to order again.Healthy recipes with no hassle

Research is now uncovering that diets low in sugar can actually decrease risks of cancer and other serious diseases

All in all I would recommend Mindful Chef to anyone who is looking to save time and who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle with no-hassle. Research is now uncovering that diets low in sugar can actually decrease risks of cancer and other serious diseases. I am very glad to see a company that is helping people to live a healthier lifestyle in a simple and easy way.

Mindful Chef is also funded by none other than Sir Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton CBE and their recipes are also enjoyed by the members of the England Rugby, Hockey and Rowing Teams.

Prices vary depending on how many people you are feeding and how many recipes you wish to receive per box but if you want to try Mindful Chef then use this link here to get 25% off your first box.

Give it a try. You will always have a few Healthy 30 minute Gluten Free Recipes under your belt to recreate whenever you want.


Gluten Free Recipes




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