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products for soft shiny no frizz hair

Why Sulfate-Free Shampoo Is The Key To Gorgeous Hair

I often get asked about my hair. I am not sure if it is because of its natural curvy waves. Or because it is dark and long. But for some reason the number one thing I get ask about is my haircare routine. Like most women I strive to have healthy looking hair.  It is what makes a person stand out. If your hair is not on point then you can almost guarantee that your whole look is not on point. Even if your outfit is banging. So what is the secret? What is it that makes those luxurious locks stand? Well it is all in the shampoo. Sulfate-Free Shampoo that is.

It took me years to figure out that what I was putting on my hair played a huge role in its overall appearance. When I was a teen I often went for the brands that were blasted all over TV. They promised long, shiny frizz free hair at the right price. But despite their claims I always ended up having to cut chucks out of my hair every time I went for a ‘trim’. What was I doing wrong?

What is Sulfate?

It was only when I went down the organic route with my food and products that I started to see a real difference. By default a lot of organic brands ban sulfates and silicones in their products. I was amazed. My ends that were usually frizzy and split, where sleek and soft. And I found that when I went in for my routine cut. I didn’t have to take off as much as I did before.

Sulphate is the basic detergent that is used in most skin and hair care, and also in household cleaners such as fairy liquid. It is what makes your shampoo turn into a sudsy foam. Though sulfates might be great for cleaning dishes and floors. It is not so great on your hair or your body!

products for soft shiny no frizz hair

products for soft shiny no frizz hair

Why no sulphate?

I put it to the test and bought a regular shampoo when I first moved to Aberdeen. It was for convenience. I didn’t have time to wait for an order to arrive and I wanted to wash my hair asap. Worst decision ever! My hair became dry, and I mean really dry. The slightest bit of manipulation would cause my strands to break and I ended up having to cut off a massive 15cm ! My hair was so damaged after just a month of using a sulphate shampoo. I can only imagine the damage after extended use.

Besides the obvious reason above there are countless reasons to switch to a sulfate-free shampoo.

  1. They strip your hair of all of its natural oils

Yep, like I said sulfates are very good at cleaning. However there is such a things as too clean. Without the natural oils in our hair our strands become very brittle and dry. Making them easy to break.

2. Bye bye expensive professional colour

Just got your hair coloured and treated? Then definitely do not use a sulphate shampoo. It can strip the colour from your hair after extended use. Leaving it looking dull and faded. Not to mention that colouring your hair already dries out your strands!

3. Greasy roots, frizzy ends.

The over cleaning of the scalp makes the skin dry and promotes access oil production. Which will leave your roots being extra oily and your ends looking frazzled and dry. The irony is that you will wash your hair more frequently to combat the greasy roots, making it worse!

Does it have to be Organic?

Going organic is what made me aware of the ingredients in my haircare. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go organic. There are a lot of products readily available on the market.

My favourites are Art Naturals Argan Oil shampoo and Living Proof. Both are easy to order online and are reputable brands. There are some other alternatives that are cheaper. You just need to check the ingredients.

Hopefully this will help you to transition to a Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

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