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Homemade Ella’s Kitchen Smoothies with Squooshi!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that my son is a eater! He could be in the worst mood on the face of the planet but hand him a snack or anything edible and he is all of a sudden the happiest chap alive. Always thought the saying was a cliché but the way to this boys heart is definitely through his stomach! But as he is getting older and no longer taking in as much milk as he used to, feeding him has become a challenge. Cooking him homemade meals everyday is a job in itself, but when it comes to puddings and snack time, thats when things get complicated. That was when a sneaky Ella’s Kitchen Smoothie came in.

A pouch full of fruity goodness, when we first discovered them we thought they were a perfect solution to our snack dilemma. However we quickly discovered that our little one loved them way too much and as his appetite increased so did our weekly grocery bill. We would easily get through 3 pouches a day and he was still wanting more. These pouches were a life saver, I could pack them in his bag whenever we would go out and it would be an instant no mess healthy treat. What were we going to do?

That was when I discovered Squooshis!

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These adorable reusable pouches were just what we needed. They are BPA, PVC and phthalate free and also dishwasher and freezer safe. They have a zip lock on the bottom so that you can open up the pouch and spoon in homemade purées and take them on the go with you. The pack includes 8 cute animal pouches with lids, food labels and sippy caps and are really easy to clean. I am in love with them and our son loves the different animal shapes they come in. They are just too cute!

IMG_7644 (1)

Now that I had my own pouches it has been easy for me to just stew a few apples and pears and pop them into the pouches, but to mix it up a bit I decided to make my own Ellas kitchen recipes and they go down a treat!


(My favourite one)

160g Banana

150g Apples

115g Pineapple

75g Coconut Milk


225g Banana

165g Apples

75g Mangoes

3.5g Apricot


300g Apples

100g Bananas

7g Pears

3g Kiwi Fruit

Choose which smoothie you wish to make. Stew the apples with a little water, once soft and cooked through blend all the ingredients together in the blender. Add a dash of lemon juice and then spoon the contents into the Squooshis! Keep in the fridge or freezer. You can buy these amazing pouches at www.squooshi.com

And there you go! A happy baby and a happy bank account!


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  • Grace


    Hi Kylie, that’s great as I’ve been thinking of making our own ella smoothies to save money and just to ensure they are always fresh! My question is.. how long can you keep these in the fridge for and safely eat them?

    June 30, 2019

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