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The Most dumbest arguments in the name of sleep deprivation

It is true, relationships can be hard. When you are living with someone who does not think the same way as you or see things the same way as you, it can be a challenge. My partner and I are not yet married even though we have a son ( GASP! We are living in sin!!!) yet we act like an old couple that has been married for decades who are hell bent and annoying each other till the day we die. That is the way we are. We take pleasure in winding each other up and at times it becomes a competition as to who can be the most annoying (I am sure we both have different opinions over who is winning that one!) Despite this being a fun quirk of our relationship there are times when we seriously butt heads over the most mundane things, that if aliens were ever studying us to determine whether man kind deserved to live, we would have no chance!

With my partner working offshore, our wedding only a few months away and a little terror to look after I can say that the fun and games are not always so fun, especially when you are sleep deprived and stressed. So we can end up arguing over the most stupid things on the face of the planet, and when I say stupid I mean STUPID.  I can’t help but wonder how it is actually possible. It is hard to believe that we are adults, let alone parents at times.

But every relationship has its quirks and while we tend to get wound up over silly things, I can be thankful it IS just silly things. So while I try to focus and keeping a peaceful mind, no matter how hard that can be, I thought I would share with you some of the most stupid things we have gotten wound up about in the recents months.

Stupid Argument Topic 1: Tortillas

Yes you read that right , Tortillas!  As in the flat bread that you make burritos or fajitas in. Yup! We had a stupid argument over a tortilla, or more so to do with the filling of the tortilla. My partner seems to take eating fajitas as a challenge, the more filling he can get into it the better. Sometimes he can’t even close the tortilla to eat it due the Mount Everest size of the filling he has stacked on it. I just don’t get it and he doesn’t understand why this bothers me so much. It is true, I should probably just let him eat his tortilla the way he wants to….. But. I . Just. Can’t!!!! How the hell is he going to fit it in his mouth ? Not to mention he has used the equivalent of 5 tortillas worth of filling into one. … Sigh! Yep sorry man kind, I think we are doomed!

Stupid Argument Topic 2: Knickers and the laundry

Hmm this one is… well peculiar. This is one of my partners pet peeves about me but it is something I really can’t see myself changing. You see, when I undress and put my trousers in the wash basket I tend to do everything in a oner. Meaning I take my trousers and knickers off at the same time. I know! Such a crime! Me doing this however usually results in my underwear being trapped  within my trousers and me usually having fish my panties out from the leg of my trousers after they have been washed. I know it can be annoying but it doesn’t really bother anyone else but me however it infuriates my partner. He just doesn’t understand why I don’t take the time to separate the garments and I just don’t see why I would waste a few more seconds to take off my trousers and underwear separately when I can WHAM do it all in a microsecond. I know, I am lazy! What can I say? Please don’t tell me I am the only one that does this? ……anyone?

Stupid Argument Topic 3: Making the bed

This is my partner ‘making the bed’…


This is the bed actually made…

Enough said, yeah?

Stupid Argument Topic 4: To Do Lists

We both have very different ways of functioning, men are from mars and women are from venus what ever you want to call it, we just do not think in the same way.  So when it comes to organisation and to do lists, there is a big clash. I write my to do list in order of importance, so for booking the caterer, I would class that as something we need to do before we pick the flowers so caterer would be at the top of my list however my partner disagrees. He prefers to list in chronological order of events, so the ceremony takes place before the reception hence the flowers need to be at the top of the list. We just don’t understand each others logic and have had many a heated conversation over this! Really who cares right? As long as it gets done???

Stupid Argument Topic 5: Fart

YES I am serious, a fart! We have argued I don’t know how many times over a fart, or many farts to be accurate.  I know how this sounds. I get it, farts are funny and I am usually the first person to laugh at a fart joke but after 6 years of farts in my face it just isn’t funny anymore. When you need to leave a bar because your partner has stunk it out or when you are almost kicked out of a french taxi on the middle of the highway, it starts to grow old realfast. So after a long day when I finally get bubs to bed and sit on the couch I do not want to be greeted with a fart! I am serious!

Relationships are hard in general but add parenting in to the mix and sleep deprivation it can put a challenge on the most stable of couples. With our nuptials approaching I am going to try and stop sweating the small stuff and maybe let him pile on the filling into his tortilla…



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