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Flawless skin Kora Organics

Get Flawless Skin With Kora Organics : Best Organic Skincare Range Around

Ever since I was a young girl I have always been conscious about what I put on my skin and in my body. Something inside of me always told me that the more closer to nature my products and food were the better my skin and health will be. Thanks to this mantra, I now have pretty good skin. People are often amazed that I hardly ever wear foundation. I have even been asked by a few professional make up artists what skincare I use because they were so impressed with my skin.

So whats the secret?

As a teenager I suffered from really bad acne prone and eczema prone skin. I mean shiny, pizza, borderline crater face bad! It was grotesque nd made me very self conscious. I tried all sorts of products and always found that the anti acne lines who promised to give me smooth clear skin actually did the opposite. They tended to suck my skin dry of all of its natural moisture resulting in my skin breaking out even more. So what worked?

From my pizza face experiences I learnt from a young age to look after my skin properly. Your skin is the first thing people see and instantly gives people a perception of who you are. After testing thousands of brands and formulas whether they be organic, non organic, over the counter, prescription, designer or supermarket brands, and I have to truly say that the less chemical nonsense in the ingredients, the better.

There are so many organic and natural skincare products out there which one is the best? In my opinion nothing beats KORA Organics


Founded by model Miranda Kerr, I was sceptical at first. Is this just another celebrity launching a beauty product just to make a quick buck? After investing in her three step cleansing plan I was happily surprised at how good the products were.

Contrary to other organic brands her moisturiser really hydrated my skin. My skin felt instantly soft and the mist toner had a calming effect that seemed to make my skin glow. After this first trial I decided to try some more products and I instantly fell in love with them. Now Kora is all I use and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for glowing skin.


One of my all time favourite products is her tinted moisturiser. I was confused at first as it only comes in one colour. I have darker skin to Miranda so i didn’t understand how this was going to work for me but it did. The cream blends really well to my skin tone and gives a very lightweight coverage to even out skin tone without the clog heavy feeling of foundation.

Flawless skin with Kora Organics  Flawless skin with Kora Organics

1.Just washed face, no make up 2..Even toned, light weight skin with Kora’s tinted moisturiser!

100% made in Australia with certified organic and natural ingredients, KORA offers a large range of products from cleaning creams, to exfoliators and shower gels. The only downside is that their products are quite expensive and are only available online if you live outside of Australia. However if you live in Australia then you can find the KORA at any David Jones Store around Australia.

Flawless skin with Kora Organics

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There you have it. My skincare secret to good skin.



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