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Instagram accounts you should follow

5 instagram accounts you should follow

Instagram has become one the the most popular social media networks after Facebook and there is reason for it. It is a chance for people to express themselves or their lifestyle through creative photography, and a chance for us to glimpse into the lives of others. I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan. Instagram is where I go to find inspiration and motivation whether it be for fitness, health or fashion, and just for a laugh. It has become a part of my wind down routine, where I love to sit down on the couch after a long day, in my pajamas and just scroll down my feed.

So I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts so you too can check them out.

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Beauty and fashion blogger Kiara King from my hometown in Perth, Australia has an amazing feed to follow. The photography is flawless and her style is casual and classy, making it hard to believe that it is just her and her boyfriend working behind the scenes. If you are looking for fashion and style tips then you definitely need to check out her account.



This account is for all parents who sometimes need a little reassurance that the struggle isn’t their own. Ilana Wiles AKA Mommyshorts pokes fun at the everyday challenges of being a parent and raising children. This account definitely gets me smiling after a long and challenging day and can give a good insight into the lives of little minds.



One of my close friends from Perth who has risen to fame on Instagram with her children’s clothing line Sunday Soldiers. Single mum Elise Doohan, creates affordable and stylish clothing for children and adults. If you are looking for beach vibes and surfy looks then this is for you. Her signature item is the ‘Superheroes Vaccinate’ Onesie which has been featured on many parenting and pro vaccination sites. Elise is a real super mum and inspiration to all mothers out there, showing that you can raise kids and have a successful career at the same time.



One of my all time favourite accounts that I keep going back too. Erica Hoida is a fashionista in all ways possible. Her wardrobe and shoe collection is to die for, and her style looks like it should be on the cover of Vogue. My go to account to get style tips from.



A health instagrammer that is actually qualified! She is the nutritionist who helped Sam Smith lose over a stone in 2 weeks and completely transformed his relationship with food. Her account is inspirational and informative with some drool worthy recipes. She transformed her own health and digestion after becoming a nutritional therapist and learning the benefits of ditching processed foods for whole foods.


What accounts do you follow or recommend?  Leave a comment and let me know



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